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Ahoi Ashtami

About the commanding goddess Ahoi
Ahoi Ashtami is one of the important festivals dedicated to the mighty goddess Ahoi or Ahoi Bhagwati. Goddess Ahoi is the manifestation of the imperial goddess Parvati only. In this avatar, she blesses offspring and brings stability to all living beings’ lives. The supreme divinity brings a healthy, long, fulfilling and happy life to the children of those women who worship her. Cherish the glorious goddess and seek never-ending boons. 

Significance of Ahoi Ashtami
Ahoi Ashtami is one of the most sacred and significant festivals celebrated in the Kartik month of the Hindu lunar calendar. There is a very prominent legend linked with Ahoi Ashtami fast. Once there was a couple who had seven sons. Before Diwali, the family thought to decorate their house by cleaning it and embellishing it. When the lady was searching for water, she accidentally killed a lioness's child with a spade. The lioness cursed that her seven sons would die soon. The curse disturbed the family, and they started walking in an unknown direction to seek a solution to their problem. Divine powers performed an akashwani or miraculous akashvani and asked the couple to stop their journey. They gave them a solution to return and offer sincere worship to goddess Ahoi by fasting. The woman followed the orders, in return, received the boon of a long life for her sons. 

How to celebrate Ahoi Ashtami?
Ahoi Ashtami is celebrated by observing a strict nirjala fast by women for their children. No food or water is consumed during the fast. Devotees execute a special puja for Ahoi Mata or goddess Ahoi. They clean the worship place by sprinkling water around and draws Alpana on the floor, and placing Kalash there. They draw Ahoi Mata and her seven sons using sacred chalk for worshipping. Recitation of Ahoi Mata Katha is also an integral ritual linked with Ahoi Ashtami. Devotees light a lamp to cherish goddess Ahoi and devote special prasad. The fast is opened after seeing the stars and devotes special prasad, and offers water or Aragya to the stars.  

Boons of celebrating Ahoi Ashtami
Here are a few notable advantages of celebrating Ahoi Ashtami-

  • ● Ahoi Ashtami brings the glorious blessings of goddess Ahoi in life.
  • ● She blesses women with the boons of a happy and long life for their children.
  • ● The fasting of this festival enriches the devotee’s life with supreme bliss and harmony.
  • ● It removes obstacles from the devotee’s life, granting them only peace and stability.

Seek all the above windfalls through the sincere Ahoi Ashtami celebration. Get in touch with us to know more about the significance and the rituals to observe this festival.