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Tulasi Vivah

Tulasi Vivah- Devoted to the mighty divinity Tulasi
Tulasi Vivah is a prosperous occasion celebrated to revere the supreme plant goddess Tulsi or sacred basil. The mighty goddess Tulasi is the supreme manifestation of goddess Lakshmi. She is cherished for her sanctity and pure devotion, especially towards the commanding Lord Vishnu. The mighty goddess is also revered as Vrindadevi and Vishnupriya or the one close and beloved to Lord Vishnu. 

Significance of Tulasi Vivah?
Tulasi Vivah is a very significant festival in Hindu cosmology. A very prominent legend linked to Tulasi Vivah is gloriously elaborated in Padma Purana. Goddess Tulasi was married to an evil demon called Jalandhar. He became mighty because of the sincere devotion and dedication of the goddess Tulasi. After acquiring tremendous powers, Jalandhar created massive trouble in the entire realm. All the godheads then moved to Lord Vishnu to seek some solution. One day, when Jalandhar was leaving for a war, then goddess Tulasi promised to perform a continuous Sankalpa. But Lord Vishnu took the aspect of Jalandhar and disturbed Tulasi’s Sankalpa. After the breaking of Sankalpa, Jalandhar lost his powers, and Lord Shiva killed him. This incident ended in the cursing of Lord Vishnu by Tulasi, which separated him from his wife, Goddess Lakshmi. After cursing Vishnu, Tulasi drowned herself in the ocean. Then, Lord Vishnu blessed Tulasi that in his next life, she would get married to his Shalimar, a stone or fossil avatar. 

How to celebrate Tulsi Vivah?
The celebrations of Tulasi Vivah begin on Prabodhini Ekadashi and end on the Kartik Poornima of the Kartik month. Devotees celebrate Tulasi Vivah by executing a special puja for the mighty divinity Tulasi. Devotees execute a traditional Hindu marriage of goddess Tulasi and an amla branch personified as Lord Vishnu.  

Boons of celebrating Tulasi Vivah
Here are a few notable boons of celebrating Tulasi Vivah-

  • ● Tulasi Vivah brings the supreme blessings of the goddess Tulasi.
  • ● It removes all the health issues from life, blessing devotees with a long and prosperous life.
  • ● It brings immense harmony and peace to life.
  • ● The festivity blesses devotees with marital boons.
  • ● It brings protection from all adversities and demons.

Seek all the above boons by Tulasi Vivah's celebration. The glorious festival will nurture your life with immense stability and warmth. If you wish to know more about the significance, rituals and tithis of this festival, then get in touch with us.