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Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth- A fast dedicated to goddess Parvati
Karwa Chauth is an important fast devoted to the goddess Parvati. Married women on this auspicious day observe fast for their husbands and worship the imperial goddess Parvati. 

Significance of Karwa Chauth
Karwa Chauth is a very significant festival observed in the Kartik month of the Hindu lunar calendar. The popular legend linked with Karwa Chauth includes Veeravati. Once Veeravati kept a fast for the long life of her husband, who went on the battlefield. She decided to open the fast by seeing the moon as per the rituals. Veeravati's seven brothers tricked her by placing a mirror strategically so that it looked like the moon. They did so because they loved her sister immensely and couldn't see her hungry. Veeravati got tricked, and soon, she broke her fast, which resulted in the immediate death of her husband. When Veeravati learned that her husband was no more, she was shattered. Then, goddess Parvati emerged and told her what her brothers did and that she didn't break her fast knowingly. Later, with the goddess' blessings, Yama, Lord of death, released Veeravati's husband from the clutches of death. 

How to celebrate Karwa Chauth?
Karwa Chauth is celebrated by observing a dedicated fast by married women. They observe the fast with great devotion to earn a long and fulfilling life for their husbands. Women wake up early and eat sargi, some essential items generally presented by their mother in law. They eat sargi early in the morning and then begin their fast. Reciting Veeravati's legend linked with Karwa Chauth is a vital festival ritual. 

Boons of celebrating Karwa Chauth
Here are a few incredible boons of celebrating Karwa Chauth-

  • ● Karwa Chauth brings the blessings of the commanding goddess Parvati.
  • ● It blesses married women with a happy marital life.
  • ● It brings immense joy and bliss to life.
  • ● The festival brings harmony and fortune to the devotees.
  • ● This auspicious festival blesses long life and happiness to women's husbands who perform this fast

● It strengthens marital relations protecting them from evil spells and opposing forces.

Attain all the above benefits by observing Karwa Chauth with immense glee and following all the rituals. We are known for providing the most advanced spiritual aid.If you wish to know more about the significance, rituals and tithis linked with Karwa Chauth, then get in touch with us.