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Gopashtami- A festivity dedicated to Lord Krishna and cows
Gopashtami is a religious festival devoted to the commanding Lord Krishna and cows. The mighty Lord Krishna was a cow herder and had a divine connection with cows. His love and immense affection for cows make them more sacred in the Hindu cosmology. Worshipping Lord Krishna protects his ardent devotees from all the ill energies and fulfils their life with only bliss. 

Significance of Gopashtami
Gopashtami is celebrated on Ashtami or the eighth day in the bright phase of the Kartik month's Hindu lunar calendar. It commemorated the day when Lord Krishna’s father, Nanda Maharaja, assigned him the responsibility of his cows. Nanda Maharaja made Krishna and Balrama, gala or the head of cows. On the day of Gopashtami tithi, the brothers went for cow grazing for the first time in Vrindavan. Goddess Radha wanted to accompany his love interest Krishna in the cow grazing, but she didn't get permission as she was a girl. So, divinity Radha took the avatar of Subala-Sakha and got ready by wearing a dhoti and kurta. She then went with Krishna and his gang and had a lot of fun. These events are cherished as Gopashtami and are celebrated across India with supreme joy and grace. 

How to celebrate Gopashtami?
Gopashtami is a spiritual day to glorify Lord Krishna’s energy. On this day, cows are worshipped along with imperial Lord Krishna. Devotees organise Krishna puja and cow puja to revere Gopashtami. Cows are given special baths and adorned with jewellery and clothing on this day. Devoting pradakshina is a special event or ritual linked to Gopashtami celebrations. Grand religious events and feasts are executed in gosala on Gopashtami. 

Boons of celebrating Gopashtami
Here are a few supreme windfalls for celebrating Gopashtami-

  • ● Gopashtami brings the blessings of the mighty Lord Krishna.
  • ● It brings waves of joy and prosperity to life.
  • ● The pious festivity nurtures devotee’s life with positive energies and optimism.
  • ● It illuminates life with a divine and spiritual aura.
    ● The pious festivity removes the negative and ill energies from life.

Attain all the above godsends by celebrating Gopashtami with immense dedication and devotion. If you wish to know more about the tithis, rituals and practices, get in touch with us. We are known for providing the most exceptional spiritual assistance in the Vedic realm.