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The 64 Yoginis

The 64 forms of Yogini are part of the ancient Hindu practices that aim to awaken the hidden energy within an individual to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Yogini refers to a feminine mystic who possesses supernatural powers and is highly revered in Hindu mythology.

According to tradition, the 64 Yoginis represent the 64 manifestations of the divine feminine energy that governs the universe. Each Yogini represents particular qualities or characteristics, such as courage, knowledge, creativity, joy, and power.

The 64 Yoginis are often represented through a sacred circle or mandala that includes 8 petals representing each of the 8 main Yoginis, which are further divided into 8 forms, representing the 64 Yoginis.

Many practitioners of Yogini meditation incorporate the energy of the 64 Yoginis into their spiritual practices to tap into their divine feminine aspects and awaken their Kundalini energy for self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Sri Hayi Yogini:

Sri Hayi Yogini

Sri Hayi Yogini is one of the most important and significant rituals. It brings gracious aura and blessings of mighty Yogin and revered goddess Sri Hayi Yogini.

Introducing you to the glory of great Sri Hayi Yogini

Sri Hayi Yogini is known to possess excellent tantric k...View More

Sri Aida Yogini:

Sri AidaYogini

Sri Aida Yogini Ritual is a special one-day ritual conducted to please the goddess of power and wealth. The ritual is performed to bring abundance and prosperity in life. The ritual will increase your wealth, fame, and happiness. You will get peace of mind, good health, pros...View More

Sri Chamundi Yogini:

Sri Chamundi Yogini

Sri Chamundi Yogini Homam is an ancient Tantric ritual used to invoke the power of the goddess Chamundi, who is said to be a manifestation of Durga. The homam is performed by offering various materials to the deity through fire and chanting specific mantras. It is belie...View More

Sri Kamada Yogini:

Sri Kamada Yogini

Sri Kamada Yogini Rituals is one of the most important fire rituals the devotees can perform. The main objective of performing this rituals is to get rid of all the sins and attain salvation. It is believed that doing this rituals will help in getting rid of all the probl...View More

Sri Visyaharam Yogini:

Sri Visyaharam Yogini

The Sri Visyaharam Yogini Ritual is a robust offering to the goddess Visyaharam, who is said to be the guru of all yoginis. This is performed for peace, prosperity, and longevity. It is also a great way to seek blessings for success in any endeavor.

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