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Sri Hayi Yogini

Sri Hayi Yogini

Sri Hayi Yogini is one of the most important and significant rituals. It brings gracious aura and blessings of mighty Yogin and revered goddess Sri Hayi Yogini.

Introducing you to the glory of great Sri Hayi Yogini

Sri Hayi Yogini is known to possess excellent tantric knowledge. She has been practicing meditation since a very young age and has mastered the art of meditation. She is also an expert when it comes to yoga and tantra. Her expertise on the subject has made her a sought-after yogini for many people worldwide.

Sri Hayi Yogini is a horse headed goddess. She is one of the most revered Tantric Goddesses. She is the deity who grants liberation to all those who seek it. She is considered to be the manifestation of the goddess Tripura Sundari (the beauty of the three worlds). She is also known as Srimati Tripurasundari, Tripurasundari, Lalita, and Parvati. The ritual worship of Sri Hayi Yogini was first described in the Tantrasara by Bhattacharyya Pandit Anandakrishna Sastri.

Sri Hayi Yogini is a beautiful goddess of the night who travels across the sky in her chariot pulled by her two horses. She rises in the East and sets in the West, but the time in between is hers alone when she travels across the night sky. She can be seen anywhere between midnight and dawn. Sri Hayi Yogini is an incarnation of Parvati and has many forms. In one form, she is known as Sri Maha Lakshmi. As Sri Maha Lakshmi, she holds a lotus in one hand and a conch shell in another.

Other legends linked to the mighty goddess Sri Hayi-Pada Yogini

Sri Hayi Yogini is an ancient Vedic goddess whose name means "the foot of the one with the lotus feet." She is known for being a fierce warrior and protector of women and a powerful yogini who meditated in deep forests and mountains.

She is said to have lived in India around the time of the Mahabharata war, though she was originally from Nepal. As Hayi Yogini grew up, she learned how to fight with swords and axes and practiced meditation for hours every day

Sri Hayi Yogini is closely linked to Sapta Matrikas. The Matrikas are the seven great goddesses of Vedic mythology, who are considered the embodiment of Shakti, or feminine energy. They guard seven stages including childhood (Brahmacharya), education (Grihastha), married life (Vanaprastha), retirement (Sanyasa), and renunciation (Samnyasa).

The Sapta Matrikas are depicted as beautiful women with many arms who hold weapons such as swords and tridents in their hands. They have been described as terrible in form and characterized by anger and ferocity. The Matrikas are often depicted as being naked or semi-naked, but their bodies are covered with ashes from cremations which gives them a dark coloring.

Hayi Pada Yogini also refers to a form of Goddess Sati, considered the central deity of this temple"haya" means 'shyness,’ while "pada" refers to 'feet.’ Hence, the name refers to a form of Goddess Sati whose feet are covered by her shyness.

Significance of  Sri Hayi-Pada Yogini Ritual

The Sri Hayi Yogini Ritual is one of the most potent ritual that one can do to appease and please a specific form of the Goddess Parvati. This ritual is done by chanting a mantra 108 times while offering oblations and performing other rituals. There are many benefits to performing this particular ritual.

Sri Hayi Yogini Ritual is a very important and influential ritual. This ritual is performed to remove all the obstacles that are coming your way in life. It also helps you to get success in your career and business. It will also help you eliminate all the problems related to marriage. The person who performs this ritual will be blessed with a good spouse who will be loyal and supportive throughout life.

Boons of  Sri Hayi Yogini Ritual

The first benefit is that it helps to destroy enemies, which can also include family members, friends, or even competitors in business. Another pious benefit comes from the fact that this ritual helps bring financial stability and abundance into your life by bringing new opportunities for you and your loved ones. The next benefit comes from the fact that this ritual helps to protect you from enemies who may try to take advantage of your resources or harm you physically or mentally. The fourth benefit is that it helps free you from any opposing thoughts or emotions so that you may be able to lead a happy life free from worry about anything at all.