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Yamuna Chhath

About goddess Yamuna
Yamuna Chhath is an auspicious festival dedicated to Goddess Yamuna. She is one of the most revered and holiest rivers in the Vedic world. She is the wife of the commanding Lord Krishna. The supreme lord Krishna in Ashta Bharya avatar is the consort of Yamuna. Goddess Yamuna is also prominent as Yami and Kalindi. Yamuna Chhath is a highly auspicious festival as it marks the day when river goddess Yamuna descended on earth. 
Significance of Yamuna Chhath
Yamuna Chhath occurs during Chaitra Navratri; it is precisely celebrated on Shukla Paksha Sashti in the Hindu calendar Chaitra month. The beautiful festival marks the birth of Goddess Yamuna. The festival is prominent in Mathura and Vrindavan. 
The legend linked with Yamuna chhath is that Lord Kansa was cursed to be killed by his sister Devaki and Vasudeva's son. He killed all the children of her sister Devaki, but Lord Krishna was an exception. When Kansa tried to kill Lord Krishna, Vasudeva escaped, and he crossed the Yamuna river taking Lord Krishna in a basket. Yamuna river thus has an important association in Lord Krishna's life. This significant river arises from Yamunotri and is an important part of Char Dham. 

How to celebrate Yamuna Chhath
Yamuna Chhath is celebrated by taking a holy dip in the holy river Yamuna. Devotees observe a special fast on the day and worship the goddess with full zeal and enthusiasm. Devotees prepare a special prasad called Chana daal and Kaddoo Bhaat for devoting to the goddess Yamuna. Worshippers chant the stories or kathas linked with the birth of the Yamuna goddess. The puja is conducted by devoting special prasad, lighting lamps and devoting flowers or fruits. 

Benefits of Yamuna Chhath
Here are a few significant boons of observing Yamuna Chhath:

  • ● It brings the blessings of Lord Krishna and goddess Yamuna.
  • ● The festival brings a bright aura and optimism to devotees.
  • ● It embellishes life with peace, positivity and serenity.
  • ● All the sins can be vanished by taking a holy dip in the Yamuna river on Yamuna Chhath.
  • ● The pious festival eliminates all the pains and sufferings of devotees, granting them happiness.
  • ● One can get all their wishes and long-pending desires fulfilled with this festival's glory.

Reap all the mentioned boons by celebrating Yamuna Chhath with immense dedication and devotion. If you want to know more about this pious festival, get in touch with us. We will help you celebrate the occasion in the right manner and time.