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Sheetala Ashtami

About mighty goddess Sheetala
Goddess Sheetala is one of the powerful divinities and an important incarnation of goddess Parvati. Her name implies calmness or coolness. In this aspect, Goddess Parvati protects devotees from various diseases and disorders. 

Significance of Sheetala Ashtami
Sheetala Ashtami is a significant festival dedicated to the majestic powers of the goddess Sheetala. The festival is also revered as Basora or Basoda. The festival is celebrated right after the eight days of Holi. It is precisely observed on Krishna Paksha during the waning phase of the moon in the Chaitra month. 

The Skanda Purana describes that the powerful deities executed a sacrificial procession for goddess Parvati. The fire kund was illuminated during the ceremony from which the commanding deity Sheetala took manifestation. An evil monster called Jwarasura also took its origin from Lord Shiva’s sweat. He was the one who was spreading deadly diseases across the world. The commanding goddess Sheetala expanded her energies to prevent the world from Jwarasura's evil intentions. She fought with Jwarasura, and after winning against him, she made Jwarasura her servant. Since then, Sheetala Ashtami has been celebrated to glorify the goddesses Sheetala. 
How to celebrate Sheetala Ashtami?
Sheetala Ashtami is celebrated by observing a fast dedicated to the mighty goddess. A popular belief linked with this festival is that fresh food is not cooked on this day. The Prasada is prepared a night before the Sheetala Ashtami. On this day, one should wake up early and take a bath. A lamp made of wheat dough is lighted, and Prasada is offered to the goddess. Mantras or slokas are chanted in the Sheetala Ashtami puja. A Kalash is prepared for puja, and after puja, water from Kalash should be sprinkled in the house to negate the harmful elements. 

Boons of celebrating Sheetala Ashtami
Following are the main benefits of celebrating Sheetala Ashtami:

  • ● Sheetala Ashtami brings the glorious boons of goddess Sheetala Devi.
  • ● It grants sound physical and cognitive health.
  • ● The pious festival keeps diseases like chickenpox, smallpox, sores, ghouls and fever away.
  • ● The delightful festival brings abundance, glory and positivity to devotees.
  • ● It keeps the wrath of heat in summers away.

Attain all these glorious boons with the celebration of Sheetala Ashtami. Follow all the rituals precisely and bring divine godsends into your life. You can consult our Vedic experts to seek more information on Sheetala Ashtami. We will assist you in the immaculate celebration of Sheetala Ashtami. We will help you by providing you with the best remedies and auspicious timings to observe the festival.