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About goddess Shakti
Ghatasthapana is a prominent festival dedicated to the supreme goddess Shakti. Shakti or Adi Shakti is the most revered and celebrated feminine energy in Hindu cosmology. She denotes the oldest manifestation of the great goddesses. Shakti is the power of the mighty Lord Shiva. Goddess Shakti is a fierce goddess with affectionate as well as ferocious attributes. She is deemed as the mother goddess of happiness and glory. On the pious occasion of Ghatasthapana, Goddess Shakti brings divine powers and sacred energies into the devotee's life. 

Significance of Ghatasthapana festival
Ghatasthapana festival is observed on the first day of Navratri. The festival includes the worship of goddess Durga and her different manifestations. Adi Shakti is the imperial feminine power cherished during Ghatasthapana. The festival is observed on the first or third day of existing Pratipada timings. The glorious festival of Navratri is earmarked by observing Ghatasthapana. 

How to celebrate the Ghatasthapana festival?
Navratri begins with Pratipada tithi or the auspicious time when goddess Durga arrives. A Kalash sthapana takes place to celebrate Ghatasthapana. On the first day of Navratri, a Kalash is placed in an earthen pot during the puja ceremony. A sacred thread is tied around the Kalash. The Kalash is filled with soil and seeds. Nine auspicious days of Navratri are allotted for grains to prosper. The best time for Kalash sthapana is early morning and should not be observed after sunset; at night, or on Amavasya. 

Boons of celebrating Ghatasthapana festival
Following are the most distinguished advantages of the Ghatasthapana festival:

  • ● Ghatasthapana brings the powerful blessings of goddess Shakti.
  • ●The auspicious festival helps liberate from all material bondage and attract meditative aspects.
  • ●Celebration of Ghatasthapana assists devotees in fighting their inner evil demons.
  • ●The festival generates auspicious energies that protect from enemies and adverse powers.
  • ● The festival brings spiritual awakening and immense peace in life.
  • ● It eliminates evil energies ill-spells bringing optimism and a positive aura.
  • ● It brings harmony, fortune and abundance to devotees.

Observe the glorious occasion of Ghatasthapana with immense dedication and glee. Get in touch with our team if you want to know more about the Ghatasthapana festival. We will help you by analysing your birth chart or horoscope devising a perfect timing for conducting Ghatasthapana rituals. Celebrating Ghatasthapana on the wrong timing of muhurat brings the wrath of goddess Shakti. Thus, the festival should be observed at the right timings following the right methods to bring the glory and supreme powers of the imperial divinity Adi Shakti.