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Papmochanki Ekadashi

Papmochanki Ekadashi: A festival dedicated to the protector of the universe, Lord Vishnu
Lord Vishnu, also renowned as Narayana and God Hari, is a supreme deity of the Vedic realm. He is the preserver of the universe who protects the world from all the adverse energies and catastrophes. Mighty Vishnu restored the harmonious balance of good and bad. He is an essential part of the trinity in Hindu cosmology. The Vaishnava sect considers Lord Vishnu the only greatest God, and other duties are revered as demigods. Lord Vishnu is believed to have infinite powers to protect and guard the world against evil powers. 

Significance of Papmochanki Ekadashi
Papmochanki Ekadashi falls during the Krishna Paksha of Chaitra Hindu month. It is observed by the North Indian Purnimant calendar and Krishna Paksha of Phalguna month. There is a prominent legend linked with Papmochanki Ekadashi. Once there was a sage called Medhavi; he was the son of Chyawan Rishi. Medhavi was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. Once, he performed a true penance to satisfy Lord Shiva by maintaining his celibacy. Kama Deva, who was an enemy of Lord Shiva, sent an apsara Manju Ghosha to interrupt the meditation of the sage. Manju Ghosha allured Medhavi with her beauty and charm, and he started spending years in the forest with the apsara. But one day, Apsara insisted on going back to her abode, this agitated Medhavi, and he realised that it was the planning of Kama Deva. He cursed Manju Ghosha that she would lose her beauty. Manju Ghosha pleaded to the sage to take his curse back. The sage then advised her to observe Papmochanki Ekadashi eliminate the curse. When Chyawan Rishi came to know this episode, he advised his son Medhavi to observe the fast to get rid of his bad deed. 

How to celebrate Papmochanki Ekadashi?
On Papmochanki Ekadashi, ardent devotees of Lord Vishnu observe a fast for him. They usually get up early before sunrise and take a bath. Devotees then execute puja to please the mighty deity Vishnu. They offer fruit, flowers and prasad to the commanding godhead Vishnu. 

Benefits of celebrating Papmochanki Ekadashi
Here are a few major boons of celebrating Papmochanki Ekadashi:

  • ● Papmochanki Ekadashi celebration brings immense joy and glee to life.
  • ● The festivity enriches life with the supreme blessings and glorious aura of Lord Vishnu.
  • ● It adores the devotee's life with peace, stability and tranquillity.
  • ● The pious energies of Ekadashi safeguard from pains, problems and worries.
  • ● All the pains and worries get resolved with Papmochanki Ekadashi's auspicious vibes.
  • ● The festival brings happiness and eternal satisfaction to devotees.
  • ● It also keeps the wrath of evil energies and enemies away.
  • ● It also keeps the wrath of evil energies and enemies away.
  • ● It also keeps the wrath of evil energies and enemies away.

If you want to gain all these boons, then celebrate Papmochanki Ekadashi with immense dedication and devotion. The festival will enrich your life with glory and positivity. Attain bliss, positivity and glory with this beautiful occasion and reap significant windfalls.