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About Lord Brahma and Ugadi festival
Ugadi festival is dedicated to mighty Lord Brahma. It marks the beginning of the new year in the Hindu lunar calendar. Ugadi is formed from two words: yuga means "age'' and adi implies "new beginning". Lord Brahma is deemed as the supreme creator of the universe. He established life on still earth and started an evolution. Lord Brahma, along with Lord Vishnu and Shiva, is an integral part of the Trinity in Hindu cosmology. He discovers glorious elaborations in the oldest and most revered ancient scripture. The mighty Brahma is also worshipped as the God of Dharma. 

Significance of glorious festival Ugadi
According to ancient texts, Ugadi is an incredibly important festival as it marks the first day of the universe. A prominent legend linked with Ugadi is that one day a demon called Sambhabakasura stole Vedas from Lord Brahma. When Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe, came to know this, he got very angry. He took Matsya incarnation and killed the Sambhabakasura, bringing Vedas back to Lord Brahma. After receiving Vedas, supreme Lord Brahma created the universe on Ugadi. He carved the realm and divided time into hours, weeks, months and years on Ugadi only. It is also believed that one year on earth equates to a day for Lord Brahma. A prominent legend narrates that the coronation of mighty Lord Ram took place on Ugadi. Thus, the festival is revered with immense joy and in a pompous way. 

How to celebrate the Ugadi festival?
Ugadi is celebrated by adorning new and best clothes. The processions of the festival include greeting relatives and acquaintances and sharing joy with them. Houses, buildings, and other workplaces are embellished with mango leaves and other decorative elements. Rangoli or bright, colourful floral patterns are carved near doors. A special puja for Lord Brahma is organised to celebrate Ugadi. 

Boons of celebrating the Ugadi festival
Here are a few significant boons of observing Ugadi with immense devotion:

  • ● Ugadi festival brings the supreme blessings of Lord Brahma.
  • ● It brings rejuvenation and immense calmness to life.
  • ● The fire ritual removes obstacles and hindrances and nurtures life with sheer peace.
  • ● It is the best time for beginning any new venture.
  • ● The beautiful festival brings success in all endeavours.
  • ● It enriches life with joy, euphoria and abundance.

Gain all these benefits by celebrating Ugadi with immense dedication and glee. You can connect with our team to know more about this auspicious festival. We will guide you about the pious timings of Ugadi puja and how to celebrate this festival in the most promising way.