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Jagannath Rath Yatra

About mighty Lord Jagannath
Jagannath Rathyatra is a glorious festival dedicated to the mighty Lord Jagannath. A mighty temple called Jagannath Puri Temple, an integral part of Char Dham is situated in Puri, Odisha, India. Lord Jagannath is a vital manifestation or eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He has attributes and powers similar to the commanding Lord Vishnu. Lord Jagannath's idol is portrayed in good form, which establishes a connection between Jagannath and Lord Narasimha's avatar of Vishnu. 

Significance of Jagannath Rathyatra
Jagannath Rathyatra is a highly celebrated and significant occasion. Legends describe Jagannath as an avatar of Lord Vishnu, and Krishna describes an ordinary farmer. A farmer who has worked hard and got tanned because of hard work is the accurate representation of Lord Jagannath. This precious festival discovers glorious elaboration in Skanda Purana, Brahma Purana, Kapila Samhita and various other ancient texts. Sacred scriptures state that once Lord Jagannath's eyes got so large that his hands or legs soaked on his body. The festival is also revered as Jatra. Jagannath Rathyatra is the world's most prominent and biggest chariot festival. 

There are two prominent legends linked with this righteous festival. It is believed that on the very day of Guru Purnima, Lord Gautam Buddha delivered the first sermon in Uttar Pradesh. Another prominent legend illustrates that the mighty Lord Shiva emerged as the guru of the entire universe on this day. On Guru Purnima, the Supreme Lord Shiva delivered the precious knowledge of Yoga to the Saptarishis. 

How to celebrate Jagannath Rathyatra?
Idols are carried in the chariot, and they travel across the lanes of Puri. Primarily, three idols are carried in the chariot including Jagannath, Balabhadra, brother of Jagannath and Subhadra, Jagannath's sister. The rally ends at the Gundicha temple. The festival celebrates Jagannath's annual stay at Gundicha Temple through Mausi Maa Temple or Lord Jagannath's maternal aunt's home near Saradha Bali, Puri. Worshippers watch the Jagannath Rathyatra and celebrate the blessings of Lord Jagannath. 

Benefits of celebrating Jagannath Rathyatra
Here are a few significant windfalls of Jagannath Rathyatra:

  • ● Jagannath Rathyatra brings the blessings of Lord Jagannath or mighty Lord Ganesha.
  • ● The glorious festivity brings immense prosperity and wealth.
  • ● Jagannath Rathyatra brings auspicious aura and positive vibes.
  • ● It blesses devotees with peace and harmony in life.
  • ● The auspicious festival integrates life with bliss and glory.
  • ● The glorious festivity fulfils all the desires.
  • ● It eradicates evil forces and negativity from life.
  • ● The beautiful festival nurtures life with radiant and bright prospects.
  • ● It blesses with success in all works and promises success.

Attain all the above boons with the observation of Jagannath Rathyatra. If you wish to know more about this festival, then get in touch with us. We will guide you in the right tithis and rituals to observe the festival.