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Gauri Vrat

About mighty goddess Parvati
Gauri Vrat is a prominent occasion dedicated to the supreme goddess Parvati. The festival is primarily celebrated in Gujarat. Goddess Parvati is one of the most prominent goddesses in Hindu cosmology. The supreme goddess is the reincarnation of the goddess Sati, the first wife of the legendary godhead Shiva. Worshipping the mighty goddess Parvati brings fortune and happiness to marital life. 

Significance of Gauri Vrat
The festival is primarily for the female devotees as they observe the fast to bring good marital prospects. There is a prominent legend behind the celebration of Gauri Tritiya. Once there was a brahmin couple, they had every luxury and happiness in life except for a child. The couple worshipped to the mighty Lord Shiva with utmost sincerity and devotion. The couple was blessed with a healthy baby because of mighty Shiva’s boons. It is the legend and an important tale behind Gauri Vrat’s celebration. 

How to celebrate Gauri Vrat?
Women observe Gauri Vrat for five days. The glorious festival falls in the Ashadha month of the Hindu lunar calendar. The five-day festivity begins on Shukla Paksha and ends on Guru Purnima. Trayodashi Tithi commemorates this beautiful festival. They abstain from eating wheat and vegetables primarily during this period. On Gauri Tritiya, or the sixth day, the fast is broken. A prominent ritual followed on this day was planting seeds in a pot. The seeds are nurtured for five days during the festival’s celebration. On the sixth day, the pot is immersed in holy water. 

Benefits of celebrating Gauri Vrat
Here are a few notable boons of Gauri Vrat:

  • ● Gauri Vrat brings the supreme boons of goddess Parvati.
  • ● It brings happiness and excellent marital prospects for unmarried girls.
  • ● Married women can greet more happiness and stability in their lives by keeping this fast with sincere efforts and determination.
  • ● It also blesses devotees with healthy progeny.
  • ● All the evil spells, darkness and negativity stay at bay because of the holy aura of the festival.
  • ● The fast blesses devotees with immense bliss and auspiciousness.
  • ● It eradicates all the negative energies and adverse elements, bringing positivity.
  • ● It brings peace and stability to life.

Seek all the above boons by celebrating Gauri Vrat with immense dedication and determination. You can contact us to get personalised spiritual assistance on celebrating Gauri Vrat. We will guide you on the perfect rituals, practices and tithis to celebrate this auspicious event.