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Devshayani Ekadashi

About the mighty Lord Vishnu
Devshayani Ekadashi is a notable festival devoted to the supreme deity Vishnu or the preserver of the universe. The imperial Lord Vishnu is the most celebrated deity in Hindu cosmology. He also forms an integral part of the great Hindu trinity, which includes Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe and Lord Shiva, the destructor of the universe. Lord Vishnu protects the universe and the inferior beings from all the odds. He shatters evil souls and harmful energies. 

Significance of Devshayani Ekadashi
Devshayani Ekadashi is a notable festival of Hinduism that falls in the Ashadha month of the Hindu lunar calendar. This festival is also widely revered as Ashadha Shukla Paksha Ekadashi. In some areas, the Ekadashi fast is also known as Padma or Ashadi Ekadashi. Chaturmas is a holy period of four months filled with positive vibes and glories. The same period begins on the Devshayani Ekadashi's day and co-occurs with the rainy season. The legends narrate that this Ekadashi plays an integral role in the life of Lord Vishnu. On Devshayani Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu slept for four months straight. He woke up from his deep meditative sleep on the Prabodhini Ekadashi. 

How to celebrate Devshayani Ekadashi?
Devshayani Ekadashi is celebrated primarily by the Vishnu devotees. They observe a fast on this day to attract the holy aura of Vishnu. Worshippers meditate and chant hymns and stories devoted to Lord Vishnu. They organise special puja and grand religious processions. Devotees worship the supreme godhead Vishnu in his Vitthal manifestation. Parana or breaking of the fast is performed on the next day when the Dwadashi tithi begins. 

Benefits of celebrating Devshayani Ekadashi
Following are a few important ways to observe Buddha Purnima:

  • ● Devshayani Ekadashi brings the pious blessings of Lord Vishnu.
  • ● It brings calmness and piousness in life.
  • ● On this day, Lord Vishnu was blessed with an enchanting aura and waves of happiness.
  • ● The pious festival blesses with harmonious health and affluence.
  • ● It integrates life with a stable momentum and a peaceful temperament.
  • ● The festival enriches life with peace and a glorious aura.
  • ● It brings religious stability nurturing life with spiritual awakening.

All the above windfalls can reach you by a perfect celebration of Devshayani Ekadashi. You can learn about the perfect rituals and auspicious tithis for celebrating the grand occasion of Devshayani Ekadashi. Celebrate the pious occasion with sincere devotion and greet the glorious blessings of Lord Vishnu.