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Jayaparvati Vrat

Jayaparvati Vrat: A fasting ritual dedicated to goddess Parvati's Jaya avatar
Jayaparvati vrat is an important festival dedicated to the mighty divinity Jayaparvati. Goddess Parvati nurtures life with harmony and abundance. She integrates stability and a glorious aura in marital life. The mighty goddess shatters all the evil and adverse energies that hinder her devotee's bliss and well-being. 

Significance of Jayaparvati Vrat
Jayaparvati Vrat is a highly significant festival that falls on Ashadha month. The festival is most significantly observed in the Gujarat region. It is a five-day-long festivity, beginning on the Shukla Paksha Trayodashi tithi and ending on Krishna Paksha Tritiya. Married and unmarried women notably observe the festival to bring good marital prospects in life. Once there was a brahmin couple who had all the good elements in life but not a child. Sage Narada told the couple that there is a forest near their home with a shrine dedicated to Shiva and Parvati. He advised them to worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The couple was blessed with a child's boon, which embarks the glory Jayaparvati Vrat. 

How to celebrate Jayaparvati Vrat?
Devotees worship the mighty goddess Parvati in her Jaya manifestation. They observe the five-day-long fast to attract the glories of goddess Parvati in life. Devotees abstain from salty items and even cereals, whole grain foods and vegetables for a short duration. Worshippers conduct puja to please the mighty divinity Jayaparvati. They plant wheat seeds or Javara in a pot and nurture them for five days. Jayaparvati Jagran is an essential ritual of the festival. In the Jagran, hymns and songs dedicated to goddess Parvati are chanted for the whole night. The fast is completed on the Gauri tritya tithi, in which devotees break the fast after executing the early morning puja ceremony. The javara or wheat seeds nurtured for the five days are immersed in any sacred water after the fast. 

Benefits of celebrating Jayaparvati Vrat
Here are a few essential benefits of Jayaparvati Vrat:

  • ● Jayaparvati Vrat brings the blessings of Goddess Parvati.
  • ● It fulfils life with peace and stability.
  • ● The glorious festival blesses devotees with good marital prospects.
  • ● It blesses unmarried women with a suitable groom and excellent marital prospects.
  • ● It strengthens relationships, nurturing them with good bonds and happiness.

Seek all the above boons by celebrating Jayaparvati Vrat with supreme dedication and devotion. You can contact us to know more about this pious festival. We will assist you by guiding you in tithis and rituals to observe this harmonious festival.