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Kokila Vrat

About mighty goddess Sati
Kokila vrat is a pious festival dedicated to the supreme goddess Sati. The mighty goddess Sati is one of the most revered divinities and wife of supreme Lord Shiva. She is glorified as a virtuous woman who holds high morals and principles. She is the daughter of the prominent sage Daksha. The goddess married against the will of his father, Daksha, and that led to a brutal tiff between the mighty Shiva and King Daksha. The supreme divinity is known to perform mortification to save Lord Shiva’s honour. Worshipping the mighty goddess brings boons of a suitable life partner. The glorious aura of the imperial goddess adores the devotee's life with affection, love and peace. 
Significance of Kokila Vrat
Kokila vrat discovers immense significance in the Vedas and Puranas. The festival is observed on the Purnima month of Ashada month. There is a prominent legend linked with the Kokila Vrat. Goddess Sati immolated herself as his father, King Daksha, insulted Lord Shiva. King Daksha didn't invite Shiva for a yajna at his place, which infuriated goddess Sati. She jumped into a sacrificial bonfire in anger. After her death, she had to live for a thousand celestial years as a cuckoo. After living an eternity as a cuckoo, she reunited with her love Shiva in her Parvati incarnation. 

How to celebrate Kokila Vrat?
Married women celebrate Kokila Vrat by observing a fast dedicated to the mighty divinity Sati. They wake up early on this day and take a bath in any holy water. They celebrate the day by reading legends linked with goddess Sati, chanting mantras or slokas and reciting prayers. A vital ritual linked with Kokila vrat is making clay statues of a cuckoo bird which signifies goddess Sati in the cuckoo bird’s aspect. 

Benefits of celebrating Kokila Vrat
Here are a few prominent boons of Kokila Vrat:

  • ● Kokila Vrat brings happiness and glory to life.
  • ● It blesses with peace, stability and immense serenity.
  • ● The fast brings boons of a suitable groom for unmarried women.
  • ● It fulfils married life with happiness and immense joy.
  • ● The festivity enriches marital relations with affection and warmth.
  • ● The glorious festival also blesses devotees with healthy progeny.

Seek all these benefits by observing kokila vrat with immense joy and euphoria. You can get in touch with us for the perfect celebration of Kokila Vrat. We will guide you on the appropriate rituals and perfect tithis to perform Kokila Vrat.