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Raksha Bandhan

About Raksha Bandhan
Raksha Bandhan is a highly significant and auspicious festival in Hindu cosmology. It is one of the most beautiful festivals celebrated in India and is devoted purely to sibling bonds. The festival is observed across India with immense joy and glory. This glorious festival illustrates the beauty of a brother and sister bond. 

Significance of Raksha Bandhan
Raksha Bandhan acquires immense importance in Hinduism. The glorious festival is celebrated on the full moon day of Shrawan month. There is a prominent legend behind the Raksha Bandhan celebration. During the Mahabharata reign, once mighty Lord Krishna cut his finger, and Draupadi tied a piece of her saree to stop Krishna's bleeding. Lord Krishna then promised Draupadi that he would save her from all the catastrophes. Afterwards, when Kauravas tried to assault Draupadi by manhandling her, Lord Krishna emerged to protect her. The cloth Draupadi tied on Krishna's wrist resembles a rakhi and reinforces the piousness of the festival. 

How to celebrate Raksha Bandhan?
Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by brothers and sisters primarily. Sisters tie a sacred thread on their brother's wrist and pray for their long life and good health. Brothers take a vow to protect their sisters from all harm, worries and obstacles. Other rituals of festival include giving gifts to each other. Sisters do tika or tilak of their brothers using kumkum and rice. They perform their brother's aarti and cherish their bond. One important thing to remember while celebrating the glorious festival is that it should not be performed during the Bhadra timing as it is very inauspicious. According to religious texts and studies, pradosha and Aparahna are the best times for the Raksha Bandhan celebration. 

Benefits of celebrating Raksha Bandhan
Here are a few significant boons of celebrating Varalakshmi Vrat:

  • ● Raksha Bandhan brings peace and abundance to life.
  • ● It strengthens the relations of a sister and a brother.
  • ● The auspicious festival nurtures life with bliss and utmost glory.
  • ● It brings harmony and rejuvenation in families strengthening the bonds to great extents.
  • ● The glorious festival keeps all the evil energies and obstacles away.
  • ● Raksha Bandhan brings good health and an optimistic aura.

Attain all these boons by a proper celebration of Raksha Bandhan. If you wish to celebrate the festival by following the proper rituals and tithis, then get in touch. We will guide you on all the aspects making you celebrate the beautiful festival most plausibly.