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Kamika Ekadashi

Kamika Ekadashi: A notable Ekadashi devoted to Lord Vishnu
Kamika Ekadashi is a prominent festivity devoted to Lord Vishnu. The commanding Lord Vishnu is one of the most supreme and revered deities in Hindu cosmology. He is known as the preserver and protector of the world. The mighty deity safeguards inferior beings and the universe from all the adverse energies. 

Significance of Kamika Ekadashi
Kamika Ekadashi is of great significance in Hindu cosmology. In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna narrates the significance of Kamika Ekadashi to Yudhishtra. Kamika Ekadashi is celebrated on the eleventh day or Ekadashi of the Krishna Paksha in the Shrawan month. It is one of the most significant Ekadashi among the twenty-four Ekadashis that fall in a year devoted to Lord Vishnu. This Ekadashi falls in the Chaturmas period or an auspicious period of four months devoted to Lord Krishna- the most significant avatar of Lord Vishnu. 

How to celebrate Kamika Ekadashi?
Kamika Ekadashi is celebrated by observing a fast dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Devotees wake up early and take a bath. Afterwards, they perform meditation and puja to please Lord Vishnu. They perform the puja ceremony by devoting fruits, flowers, prasad and lighting a lamp. Devotees chant slogans and mantras to revere mighty Vishnu. They also recite legends and glorify Lord Vishnu. Reading Vishnu Sahasranama is also a notable ritual performed on Kamika Ekadashi. Parana or breaking of fast is performed only on the Dwadashi tithi; all other tithis are not considered auspicious. 

Benefits of celebrating Kamika Ekadashi
Here are a few important benefits of celebrating Kamika Ekadashi:

  • ● Kamika Ekadashi brings the blessings of the Supreme Lord Vishnu in life.
  • ● It hinders all the elements of negative energies that affect peace in life.
  • ● It rejuvenates the devotee's life with bliss and eternal happiness.
  • ● It removes all the negativity and blesses with only optimism.
  • ● The bad karma and dosha linked with past life can be removed by Kamika Ekadashi's celebration.
  • ● Performing this Ekadashi brings great prospects and fruitful results in life.
  • ● It blesses worshippers with great success in all endeavours helping achieve significant feats in life.

Seek all the above boons by celebrating Kamika Ekadashi with immense dedication and devotion. We will guide you on the right tithis and rituals to observe this sacred festivity. Our team will guide you about the perfect time to start and finish Kamika Ekadashi. We acquire proficient experience in the spiritual area and festivals.