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Hayagriva Jayanti

Hayagriva or Hayagreeva is one of the notable aspects of Lord Vishnu. He is the horse-headed manifestation of the powerful Vishnu. In this incarnation, Lord Vishnu is immensely powerful and owns the head of a horse and the body of a human being. In this avatar, Lord Vishnu sits on a lotus and is pure white. 

Significance of Hayagriva Jayanti
Hayagriva Jayanti is an auspicious occasion devoted to Lord Vishnu. It celebrates the birth anniversary of Hayagriva's avatar of the commanding Lord Vishnu. The festival is also revered as Hayagriva Uthpaththi and Upkarma. This pious occasion also discovers impeccable importance in Hayagriva Upanishad which is affiliated with Atharvaveda. 

Hayagriva was an evil monster known for stealing Vedas from the mighty Lord Brahma. Once when Lord Brahma was sleeping, Hayagriva took all the Vedas and absorbed all the wisdom of it. He then stole them and took them away so that nobody could gain the immense knowledge put in those Vedas. When Lord Brahma and other deities couldn't locate Vedas, they got worried. The gyana or knowledge in Vedas was essential to be forwarded to the next yuga. Lord Vishnu then took Hayagriva's incarnation to kill the vicious monster. He went ahead and shattered the evil motives of Hayagriva bringing back the great Vedas from him. Since then, Hayagriva is admired as a powerful embodiment of Lord Vishnu, who incarnates to destroy the ferocious energies and evil powers. 

How to celebrate Hayagriva Jayanti?
Hayagriva Jayanti is celebrated by observing a fast devoted to supreme Lord Hayagriva. They wake up early, bathe in sacred waters and organize a special puja to revere the mighty deity Hayagriva. Devotees chant the tales and legends to glorify supreme godhead Hayagriva. 

Benefits of celebrating Hayagriva Jayanti
Here are a few notable boons of Hayagriva Jayanti

  • ● Hayagriva Jayanti brings the powerful aura and blessings of Lord Vishnu.
  • ● It eradicates all the adverse influences and evil energies from a devotee's life.
  • ● The auspicious festival nurtures life with peace and immense harmony.
  • ● It removes all the unfavourable influences of enemies and ill spells.
  • ● It bestows courage and vitality to stand tall against all the odds of life.
  • ● It brings proficiency and spiritual understanding of the world.

Seek all the above boons by the celebration of Hayagriva Jayanti. You can get in touch with us to seek spiritual assistance on this auspicious festival. We will assist you by guiding you on the appropriate rituals and tithis on Hayagriva Jayanti.