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Mangala Gauri Vrats

Mangala Gauri Vrats- Dedicated to mighty goddess Parvati
Mangala Gauri vrats are devoted to the supreme goddess Parvati and supreme Shiva. She is one of the supreme goddesses of Hindu cosmology and the wife of the commanding Lord Shiva. The supreme divinity is the goddess of harmony, motherhood and power. The imperial goddess is an integral part of the trinity with goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati. 

Significance of Mangala Gauri Vrats
Mangala Gauri Vrats are of immense significance in the Vedic realm. These fasts are observed every Tuesday in the Shrawan month. There is a prominent legend linked with Mangala Gauri Vrats. Once there was a rich man called Dharmapala who had a pretty wife. He had everything but not a child, but with god’s grace, he got a child after years. But, Dharmapal’s son was born with a curse that he would die at age 16 because of snakebite. Dharmapala's wife observed Mangal Gauri fasts, and their son’s age increased by a thousand years. 

How to celebrate Mangala Gauri Vrats?
Mangala Gauri Vrats are celebrated by observing fast every Tuesday of the entire Shravan month. Women wake up early on this day and take a bath, preferably in sacred water. They follow a satvik diet, including fruits, milk and abstain from whole foods and spices. They execute a special puja for the mighty divinity Mangala Gauri. The puja is performed by devoting fruits, flowers and prayers to goddess Mangla Gauri. Legends, tales and mantras are recited during the puja in mighty goddess’s glory. Women also make a clay statue of goddess Mangala Gauri and worship during the fasts, and after the accomplishment of all fasts, the statue is immersed in sacred waters. 

Benefits of celebrating Mangala Gauri Vrats
Here are a few prominent boons of celebrating Mangala Gauri Vrats:

  • ● Mangala Gauri Vrats brings blessings and aura of Goddess Parvati.
  • ● The festival brings immense abundance and peace to life.
  • ● It enriches marital relationships with immense love, warmth and affection.
  • ● Married girls should perform the fasts for the well-being and long life of their husbands.
  • ● They bring happiness, fortune and goodwill to life.
  • ● Those who observe the fasts with immense dedication and devotion are blessed with a relationship like Gauri and Shankar.

If you wish to seek all the above windfalls, observe Mangala Gauri Vrats with supreme devotion and dedication. You can get in touch with us for the seamless execution of Mangala Gauri Vrats and know more about the festival and its rituals. We bestow great spiritual assistance in the Vedic realm.