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Rishi Panchami

About Sapta Rishis
Rishi Panchami is a known festival that celebrates the great sages and scholars of the Hindu realm. The seven rishis celebrated on this day are- Kashyapa, Atri, Bharadwaja, Vishvamitra, Gautama Maharishi, Jamadagni and Vashishtha. 

Significance of Rishi Panchami
Rishi Panchami is an integral festival celebrated in the Bhadrapada month of the Hindu lunar calendar. The notable sacred text- Brihadaranyaka Upanishad also elaborates the significance of sapta rishis in illuminating the Hindu culture. It is also referred to as Rishi Panchami. Sapta Rishis do not only discover importance in Hinduism but also in Jainism and Sikhism. They find elaborate descriptions in Vedas, Brahmanas, Upanishads and Samhitas. The festival is cherished right after Hartalika Teej. This festival is celebrated with great arrangements and in a pompous way in India and Nepal. 

How to celebrate Rishi Panchami?
Rishi Panchami is primarily celebrated by women by observing a dedicated puja ceremony to please the sapta rishis. This festival discovers a close connection with the menstrual cycle of women. Menstruating women are deemed as contaminated in Hinduism. If they perform certain activities during menstruation such as going in the kitchen, doing puja and visiting the temples. If they perform any such activity then it creates an evil affliction called Rajaswala Dosha. Thus, it is advised that women must accomplish a strict fast on Rishi Panchami to overcome all the negative aspects of Rajaswala Dosha. Rishi Panchami is celebrated by chanting mantras or slokas to admire the rishis. Chanting of Rishi Katha also takes place during the puja. 

Benefits of celebrating Rishi Panchami
Here are a few notable boons of celebrating Rishi Panchami:

  • ● Rishi Panchami brings the blessings of sapta rishis or seven notable sages of the Vedic realm.
  • ● The glorious festival grants spiritual awakening and immense proficiency.
  • ● It helps purify the mind, body and soul of a person.
  • ● It brings waves of joy and euphoria to life.
  • ● The festival helps eliminate negativity and darkness from life and integrates it with illumination and glory.
  • ● Rishi Panchami blesses with great educational prospects; It also helps accomplish great feats in their career.
  • ● The prosperous festival blesses devotees with a good understanding of the phases of life.

Greet all the above windfalls by celebrating Rishi Panchami. We will assist you in the perfect celebration of this auspicious festival. Our spiritual team will guide you on the perfect rituals and tithis to bring terrific advantages of this zealous occasion.