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Durva Ashtami

Durva Ashtami: A festival dedicated to Lord Ganesha
Durva Ashtami is a glorious festival dedicated to the mighty Lord Ganesha. The commanding Lord Ganapati brings prosperity and abundance in life. He removes all the obstacles from his devotees' life bringing immense harmony and bliss. 

Significance of Durva Ashtami
Durva Ashtami is celebrated with great eminence. In this Ashtami celebration, durva which is a sacred grass plays a pivotal role. There is a prominent legend linked with Durva Ashtami. Once there was an evil demon called Analasura who was creating havoc in the world by pouring fire from his mouth. All the deities reached Lord Ganesha to get rid of the brutality of Analasura. Lord Ganesha indulged in a fight with Analasura and to combat him the monster attacked him by firing from his mouth. Lord Ganesha took a massive or a virat avatar and gulped Analasura bringing his evil deeds to a bitter end. But when Ganesha ate the monster, he felt restless and fiery inside his stomach. Lord Shiva tried to calm the fire inside Ganesha to calm down by folding his snake round the Ganesha's belly. Lord Vishnu helped by placing lotus and Lord moon placed Chandra on Ganesha’s head but nothing worked. A few prominent sages placed bundles of durva grass on Lord Ganesha’s head and that alleviated mighty Ganpati to great extents bringing all his restlessness to an end. 

How to celebrate Durva Ashtami?
Durva Ashtami is celebrated primarily by women by observing a fast devoted to Lord Ganapati. They wake up early and take a bath. They execute a special puja dedicated to the mighty Ganpati. Lord Ganesha's idols are decorated with durva grass during the puja ceremony. The mighty deity is offered sincere prayers, fruits, flowers and other devotional offerings. 

Benefits of celebrating Durva Ashtami
Here are a few notable benefits of Durva Ashtami:

  • ● Durva Ashtami’s celebration brings immense prosperity and abundance in life.
  • ● It removes all the pains and sufferings of individuals nurturing their lives with only bliss.
  • ● It brings endless stability and peace in life by removing all elements that create disturbances in life.
  • ● The pious festivity brings optimism and multiple glories in the worshipper's life.
  • ● It blesses married women with happiness and harmonious relationships.

Seek all the above boons by Durva Ashtami’s celebration. We will guide you on the right tithis, rituals and practices to observe this glorious festival.