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Dahi Handi

Dahi Handi- A rejuvenating festival dedicated to mighty Lord Krishna
Dahi Handi is a beautiful festival devoted to the commanding Lord Krishna. He is an integral avatar of Lord Vishnu and is the most celebrated deity in Hindu cosmology. Lord Krishna is cherished for his love and affection. Worshipping him rejuvenates life with charm and serene bliss. 

Significance of Dahi Handi
Dahi Handi discovers great significance with the birth of Lord Krishna. At a young age, Lord Krishna was very notorious and he loved eating butter, curds and other milk products. When he used to not get enough butter and curd, he used to steal them. Mother Yashoda and other ladies hung the matki or pot of butter on the ceiling to prevent Lord Krishna from reaching there. Lord Krishna also discovered a perfect solution for this planning. He started making a staircase of humans to catch the pot and fetch butter. The festival is of high significance as it elaborates on important events of Lord Krishna's life. 

How to celebrate Dahi Handi?
Dahi Handi is organised on Krishna Janmashtami to celebrate the glorious event of Lord Krishna’s birth. The festivity is celebrated by executing the grand Dahi handi exhibitions. In Dahi handi contests, curd and butter are put in a pot and are attached at heights. People form human pyramids to break the pot and fetch savouries from it. The pyramid is called Govinda Pathak. On this day, the mighty Lord Krishna is cherished as Govind. Various teams come and try their best to win the competition and get great rewards in return. 

Benefits of celebrating Dahi Handi
Here are a few notable benefits of the Dahi Handi celebration:

  • ● Dahi Handi brings the pious aura and blessings of Lord Krishna.
  • ● It brings immense joy and euphoria to life.
  • ● The festivity blesses with immense peace and stability.
  • ● The festival curbs all the negative energies and enriches the devotee's life with optimism.
  • ● It increases brotherhood and harmony.

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