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Vijaya Ekadashi

Vijaya Ekadashi- Devoted to Lord Vishnu
Vijaya Ekadashi is one of the most prominent festivals devoted to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is the ultimate ruler and protector of the universe. The festival cherishes the glories, victorious powers and supreme aura of Lord Vishnu.

Significance of Vijaya Ekadashi
Vijaya Ekadashi is one of the significant festivals in Hindu cosmology. It is observed in the Phalguna month of the Hindu lunar calendar. The legend linked with Vijaya Ekadashi includes Lord Rama, one of the most significant aspects of Lord Vishnu. When the evil demon Ravana abducted Goddess Sita and took her to Lanka, Lord Rama got extremely tensed. He was confused about how he would cross the vast river and reach Lanka to safeguard goddess Sita. The sages and divinities asked Lord Rama to observe Vijaya Ekadashi fast. Lord Rama and all the vanaras performed the fast. After the successful accomplishment of the fast, Vanars made a Rama Setu dam to cross the massive ocean. The dam helped cross the ocean successfully, and then Lord Rama freed supreme divinity from the clutches of evil Ravana by killing the evil monster. Vijaya Ekadashi marks the victory of good over evil. 

How to celebrate Vijaya Ekadashi?
Vijaya Ekadashi is celebrated by observing a fast dedicated to the commanding Lord Vishnu. Devotees wake up early and take a bath, preferably in some sacred water. They devote fruits, flowers and other holy offerings to the mighty Lord Vishnu. Devotees chant legends, slokas and mantras to revere the supreme divinity Vishnu. Worshippers also perform worshipping of Lord Rama on this day. 

Boons of celebrating Vijaya Ekadashi
Here are a few notable benefits of Vijaya Ekadashi:

  • ● Vijaya Ekadashi brings the blessings of mighty Lord Vishnu.
  • ● It brings peace, abundance and immense glee to life.
  • ● The festivity blesses devotees with powers to eliminate evil and negative forces.
  • ● The festival helps accomplish significant milestones in the career.
  • ● It brings fortune, good luck and overall development. 
    ● It eradicates hurdles, negativity and evil energies from a devotee's life.

Seek all the above windfalls by celebrating Vijaya Ekadashi with immense joy and glory. It will bring serenity and endless joy to your life. If you wish to gain more knowledge on the rituals, tithis and the importance of Vijaya Ekadashi, then get in touch with us.