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Phulera Dooj

Phulera Dooj- Devoted to the mighty Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha
Phulera Dooj is an important festivity dedicated to the commanding Lord Krishna and mighty divinity Radha. Lord Krishna is the epitome of love, affection and tenderness. Worshipping him with his consort Radha brings light, love and prosperity to life.

Significance of Phulera Dooj
Phulera Dooj is one of the significant festivals in Hindu cosmology. It is observed on Krishna Shukla Paksha’s Dwitiya tithi of the Phalguna month. The legend linked with Phulera Dooj is stated as follows- Once, because of a strict schedule, Lord Krishna could not meet goddess Radha for days. The distance made Radha and all the gopis very sad. The sadness of Radha threw a butter impact on the atmosphere too. The surroundings become dull and pale leading to the shedding of fruits and flowers. The day when the distance ended and Lord Krishna united with goddess Radha became Phulera Dooj. Lord Krishna, on this day, threw flowers on Radha Rani to celebrate their love and meet after the long wait. Goddess Radha also cherished the day by throwing flowers and greeting Krishna with love. 

How to celebrate Phulera Dooj?
Phulera Dooj is celebrated by decorating temples and other places with flowers. The special puja ceremonies occur in admiration of Radha and Krishna, the most divine pair. This festival is celebrated by excellent arrangements in Vrindavan and Mathura as these places play a pivotal role in Lord Krishna and goddess Radha’s life. Devotees organise special puja and ceremonies for Lord Krishna and goddess Radha. The celebration of the holy festival also initiates on Phulera Dooj. Devotees cherish this beautiful festival by celebrating Holi with flowers. 

Boons of celebrating Phulera Dooj
Here are a few impeccable benefits of observing Phulera Dooj-

  • ● Phulera Dooj brings the blessings of goddess Radha and Lord Krishna in life.
  • ● It brings glorious and rejuvenating energies to devotees' life.
  • ● The beautiful festival removes darkness and ill spells, fulfilling life with only light.
  • ● The festival removes sorrows and fulfils life with happiness.
  • ● It nurtures life with stability, stable temperament and peace.

The perfect celebration of Phulera Dooj will help you attain the above benefits. If you wish to know more about the significance, rituals and good practices to observe this festival, get in touch with us. We best