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Holi- Devoted to the commanding Lord Krishna
Holi is one of the most important and spectacular occasions devoted to commanding Lord Krishna. The joyous festival brings the holy aura of Lord Krishna. The mighty Lord Krishna is the supreme avatar of Lord Vishnu. Worshipping him brings love, tenderness and joy to life.

Significance of Holi
Holi is one of the auspicious occasions in Hindu cosmology. It is the biggest festival after Diwali in the Vedic realm. The beautiful festival is observed in the Phalguna, the Hindu lunar calendar. Holi is celebrated with immense joy and happiness across India. The festival is celebrated more profoundly in Mathura and Vrindavan. 

There is a prominent legend linked with the Holi celebration. Once in childhood, Lord Krishna asked her mother Yashoda why he had a dark complexion and Radha; his love is fair. He asked for a solution to his problem from Maiya Yashoda. Then, Yashoda Maa asked Krishna to play Holi with his consort Radha. By putting colour on her face, he can make her of any colour of his wish. Then, Lord Krishna followed her orders and coloured Radha. The mighty Lord Krishna and goddess Radha played Holi for the first time, and since then, the festival has been cherished with great glory and happiness. 

How to celebrate Holi?
Holi is celebrated by playing with colours, water, eating and exchanging sweets and enjoying to a great extent. Devotees begin the festival by applying colours to Lord Krishna's festival. Holi is celebrated by applying colours to each other. Executing rituals, processions and puja ceremonies for Lord Krishna is also an essential part of this festival. 

Boons of celebrating Holi
Here are a few notable windfalls for celebrating Holi-

  • ● Holi adores devotee's life with the supreme blessings of Lord Krishna.
  • ● It fulfils life with love, affection and tenderness.
  • ● The beautiful festival enriches the worshipper's life with stability and peace.
  • ● It brings waves of happiness and euphoria to life.
  • ● The festival blesses devotees with fortune, abundance and good luck. 
    ● It brings joy, prosperity and cheerful vibes.

Hurry up! Seek all the above blessings by a perfect celebration of Holi. It is the festival to embrace the glorious aura of Lord Krishna. If you wish to know more about this beautiful festival, its tithis and rituals, then get in touch with us.