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Vivah Panchami

Vivah Panchami- Devoted to the mighty Lord Rama and Goddess Sita
Vivah Panchami is one of the major events celebrated in Hindu culture. The glorious festival is dedicated to the imperial Lord Rama and his consort Sita. Lord Rama is one of the supreme incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Significance of Vivah Panchami
Vivah Panchami is one of the most important festivals in Hindu cosmology. The festival takes place in the Margashirsha month of the Hindu lunar calendar. The legends narrate that on the very day of Vivah Panchami, the grand marriage celebrations of Lord Rama and supreme divinity Sita took place. Lord Rama went to Jankapur, currently in Nepal, to marry goddess Sita. There took place a swayamvar where many suitable grooms competed to marry the mighty goddess. There was a tough challenge and condition that all grooms were required to fill. All the prospects were asked to break the bow of Lord Shiva, which was very heavy, to marry the goddess. Everyone fails at breaking or even lifting the bow. But, the commanding Lord Rama broke the bow effortlessly. After the ceremony of breaking the bow, a grand wedding of the mighty godheads took place in Janakpur. 

How to celebrate Vivah Panchami?
Vivah Panchami is celebrated across the Indian subcontinent with supreme revelry and superb arrangements. Devotees organise grand religious processions and feasts to cherish the deities. They worship Lord Rama and Goddess Sita with immense dedication and devotion. Grand religious programs and dramas take place in Ram- Sita temples. The most significant and majestic observation of Vivah Panchami takes place in Ayodhya. 

Boons of celebrating Vivah Panchami
Here are a few notable benefits of glorifying Vivah Panchami-

  • ● Vivah Panchami brings the blessings of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita.
  • ● The festival adores life with happy marital prospects.
  • ● It blesses devotees with suitable life partners.
  • ● The glorious festival removes negative energies from life, fulfilling it with immense joy and euphoria.
  • ● It brings fortune, abundance and neverending bliss to devotees.

Attain all the above windfalls by celebrating Vivah Panchami. The festival will glorify your life with seamless illumination and glory. If you wish to know more about the significance of this festival, then get in touch with us. We will guide you on the essential tithis, rituals and other practices to observe the festival with utmost precision.