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Kalabhairava Jayanti

Kala Bhairava Jayanti- A supreme festival devoted to mighty Lord Shiva
Kalabhairava Jayanti is one of the most significant festivals devoted to the supreme Lord Shiva. Kalabhairava is one of the most ferocious, powerful and fierce manifestations of the commanding Lord Shiva. Kalabhairava is one of the supreme godheads and is the Lord of time. In the Kalabhairava avatar, Lord Shiva blesses devotees with powers to crush all evil energies and live a stable life. 

Significance of Kalabhairava Jayanti
Kalabhairava Jayanti is one of the most revered and auspicious occasions in Hindu cosmology. It is celebrated on the Ashtami during the Krishna paksha phase in the Agrahayaṇa or Margashirsha month of the Hindu lunar calendar. The festival is also known as Mahakaal Bhairavashtami’ or ‘Kala Bhairav Ashtami. The legend linked with Kalabhairava Jayanti includes- Lord Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. The trinity of mighty deities was discussing who is the most powerful one. Then, a remark by Lord Brahma hurt Lord Shiva. Kalabhairava manifested out of Shiva, and he destroyed Brahma's head. Lord Brahma had four heads as slamming by Kalabhairava on his head split it into four. Since then, Lord Kalabhairava has been cherished as the glorious power that destroys negative traits such as ego, resentment and superiority. 

How to celebrate Kalabhairava Jayanti?
Kalabhairava Jayanti is celebrated by observing a fast devoted to Lord Shiva. They wake up early and start their fast. Devotees feed dogs on this day with milk and special food, as it is the vehicle of Lord Kalabhairava. 

Boons of celebrating Kalabhairava Jayanti
Following are the few most significant benefits of celebrating Kalabhairava Jayanti-

  • ● Kalabhairava Jayanti brings the supreme boons of Lord Shiva.
  • ● Lord Kalabhairava removes all obstacles from life, granting success and overall growth to worshippers.
  • ● The mighty Lord Kalabhairava liberates devotees from their sins, grantingthem salvation.
  • ● It blesses devotees with courage and vitality to tackle all the negativity and wrath of evil forces.
    ● Kalabhairava Jayanti removes all sorts of fears and especially the fear of death.
    ● It brings immense stability and endless peace in life. 
    ● The festivity cherishes devotees with success, fortune and seamless illumination.

Seek all the above windfalls during the proper celebration of Kalabhairava Jayanti. The enchanting festival will integrate your life with the godsends of Lord Shiva in his Kalabhairava embodiment. Get in touch with us if you wish to know more about the significance and rituals of this bright occasion.