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Dattatreya Jayanti

Dattatreya Jayanti: Devoted to the trinity of deities
Dattatreya Jayanti is one of the important occasions celebrated to revere the supreme Hindu divinities- Lord Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu. Lord Shiva is the lord of destruction; he removes negativity and evil energies from life. Lord Brahma is deemed the protector of the universe who shatters all the enemies from life, protecting it from enemies' wrath. Lord Brahma is the divine creator of the universe. Lord Datta or Dattatreya is the combined aspect of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. He guides devotees towards a divine path of accomplishments and spiritual attainment. 

Significance of Dattatreya Jayanti
Dattatreya Jayanti is one of the most significant festivals observed in the Vedic realm. It is celebrated on the full moon day of the Margashirsha month. Lord Dattatreya is a paradigmatic Sannyasi or monk. He is the son of Guru Atri and Mata Anusuya. Lord Dattatreya is regarded as the godhead of Yoga. The mighty Lord is the first spiritual teacher or the adi guru of the Vedic realm. 

How to celebrate Dattatreya Jayanti?
Devotees celebrate Dattatreya Jayanti by observing a fast devoted to mighty Lord Dattatreya. This festival is mainly celebrated for seven days. They get up early, take a bath and start fasting. They chant mantras, historical legends and stotras for mighty divinity Dattatreya. Verses from Avadhuta Gita and Jivanmukta Gita are also chanted with utmost distinction and devotion. The grand celebration and religious celebration occur in sacred institutions and temples on this day. Dattatreya Jayanti celebration takes place for seven days from Ekadashi to Purnima. 

Boons of celebrating Dattatreya Jayanti
Here are a few notable windfalls for celebrating Dattatreya Jayanti-

  • ● Dattatreya Jayanti brings the blessings of the trinity of godheads that is Lord Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu.
  • ● It brings immense peace and harmony to life.
  • ● The festival brings divine glory and fortune in life.
  • ● The festival removes all sorts of negativity and evil energies.
  • ● It fulfils life with success and an abundance of all-round development.

Settee the above glorious boons by observing Dattatreya Jayanti with supreme glory and devotion. If you wish to know more about this festival, its tithis and rituals then get in touch with us.