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Saphala Ekadashi

Saphala Ekadashi- A glorious festival dedicated to Lord Vishnu
Saphala Ekadashi is one of the glorious and vibrant festivities devoted to the commanding Lord Vishnu. The festival will bring waves of happiness and joy to your life. Lord Vishnu's blessings can be attained supremely on this day. They help achieve success and accomplishments in all tasks.

Significance of Saphala Ekadashi
Saphala Ekadashi is one of the most significant festivals observed in the Pausha month of the Hindu lunar calendar. There is a notable legend linked with the celebration of this festival. Once there was a king called Mahishman who had an evil son, Lumpak. After getting tired of Lumpak’s evilness and harmful activities, Mahishman sent him to the jungle and isolated him from his kingdom. Luptak lived a miserable life in the forest and suffered a lot. One day, Lumpak was extremely tired because of the bearing toughness of the forest. He woke up after a while and felt hungry; then, he collected some fruits to fulfil his hunger. He then thought about all his evil deeds and repented and admired Lord Vishnu the whole night, seeking an apology for his misdeeds. Unknowingly, Lumpak observed Saphala Ekadashi fast, which blessed him with Lord Vishnu’s blessings. Lumpak then became a good person and started ruling his father’s kingdom. 

How to celebrate Saphala Ekadashi?
Saphala Ekadashi is celebrated by keeping a dedicated fast to please Lord Vishnu. Devotees wake up early and have a bath in any sacred water body. They visit the Vishnu temple to worship the mighty deity or organise a pooja at home. Devotees cherish Lord Vishnu by offering him fruits, sweets and other holy offerings. They chant legends, mantras and slokas to admire the supreme Lord Vishnu. 

Boons of celebrating Saphala Ekadashi
Here are a few notable benefits of celebrating Saphala Ekadashi-

  • ● Saphala Ekadashi adores devotee’s life with the blessings of Lord Vishnu in life.
  • ● The Supreme Lord Vishnu soaks all the pains and worries of devotees, granting them only joy and happiness.
  • ● It brings immense joy and glory in life.
  • ● The festivity brings endless peace and stability to life.
  • ● The festival removes obstacles and enemies from the devotee's life. 
    ● It embellishes life with a positive and enchanting aura.

Seek all the above boons by observing Saphala Ekadashi with great prominence and arrangements. If you wish to know more about the significance, tithis and rituals of this festivity, then get in touch with us.