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Shakambhari Purnima

About mighty goddess Shakambhari
Goddess Shakambhari is one of the supreme divinities. She is the manifestation of goddess Bhagwati or a unique avatar of goddess Durga. Goddess Bhagwati is a manifestation of the supreme divinity Parvati. She is known as the goddess of flourishment and prosperity.

Significance of Shakambhari Purnima
Shakambhari Purnima is one of the most important festivals in the Vedic realm. The pious festival begins on the Ashtami tithi and ends on the Purnima tithi of the Pausha month of the Hindu lunar calendar. There is a famous legend behind this festival’s celebration. Once there took place, severe drought on earth destroyed all the harvest and water resources leading to a severe famine. Goddess Durga couldn't see the plight of suffering beings because of the stubborn catastrophes. She hailed the avatar of goddess Shakambhari and incarnated on earth. Goddess Shakambhari shattered all the influences causing the drought and other calamities. She blessed the earth with a good harvest, greenery and abundant food. 

How to celebrate Shakambhari Purnima?
Shakambhari Purnima is celebrated by keeping a fast dedicated to the supreme goddess Durga. Devotees wake up early and take a bath in a sacred water body. They take only fruits and fresh vegetables while observing the fast. Devotees give up on cereals, grains and pulses while keeping the fast. Chanting Banashankari Pratah Smaran is a vital ritual linked with this festival. Important mantras are chanted to praise the divine goddess Durga 

Boons of celebrating Shakambhari Purnima
Here are a few notable benefits of Shakambhari Purnima-

  • ● Shakambhari Purnima brings the blessings of goddess Durga in her Bhagwati or Shakambhari manifestation.
  • ● Goddess Durga’s blessings protect her ardent devotees from calamities and catastrophes.
  • ● It blesses worshippers with an excellent and flourishing harvest.
  • ● The festival greets life with harmony and abundance.
  • ● It brings a surplus of good food and prosperity in life. 
    ● The festivity’s pious aura eliminates negativity and pessimism.

Seek all the above boons by celebrating Shakambhari Purnima with immense joy and euphoria. This glorious festival will nurture your life with bliss and endless fortune. If you wish to know more about the significance of this beautiful festival, then get in touch with us. We will guide you about the essential tithis, practices and rituals to correctly observe the festival.