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Ratha Saptami

Ratha Saptami- A glorious festival committed to Sun Lord
Ratha Saptami is a beautiful festival devoted to Lord Sun or Surya devata. Lord Sun is one of the most powerful deities in Hindu cosmology. He is revered for his supreme powers and glorious energies. Lord Sun is the source of life on the earth as he lightens, brightens and rejuvenates the universe with his powerful light.

Significance of Ratha Saptami
The celebration of this festival begins on Shukla Magha Saptami. The festival is also renowned as Surya Jayanti and Magha Saptami. The glorious festival commemorates the birth of Lord Sun to sage Kashyapa and his wife, Aditi. This beautiful festival marks the onset of spring or harvesting season. It is also cherished as a new year by farming communities. There is a notable legend linked to Ratha Saptami celebrations. It is believed that on this day, Lord Sun converted himself into a giant chariot. Seven horses carried the chariot towards the northern hemisphere. The seven horses signify the seven bright colours of the rainbows and depict the seven days of a week. Twelve wheels of the chariot denote twelve months of a year or Samvatsara. 

How to celebrate Ratha Saptami?
Ratha Saptami is observed by worshipping Lord Sun. The puja ceremonies occur either by going to sun temples or arranging a puja at home. Devotees chant Surya and Gayatri mantras to please the commanding Lord. They arrange Homa rituals and other ceremonies to cherish the mighty Sun lord. 

Boons of celebrating Ratha Saptami
Here are a few notable windfalls for celebrating Ratha Saptami-

  • ● Ratha Saptami brings the blessings of the sun lord.
  • ● It blesses devotees with boons of fulfilling harvest.
  • ● The joyous occasion gives rise to endless light and illumination and glows to the devotee’s life.
  • ● It brings abundance and bliss to life.
  • ● It removes negativity, pessimism and all sorts of ill or evil attributes from life. ● The festivity glorifies life with immense joy, euphoria and celebrations. 
    ● It brings waves of fortune, good luck and financial prosperity to devotees.

Attain all the above blessings by devoting sincere prayers to Lord Sun on Ratha Saptami. If you wish to know more about the importance and rituals of this festival, then get in touch with us. We will guide you on the essential tithis, rituals and other essential practices to laud this beautiful day.