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Jaya Ekadashi

Jaya Ekadashi- Devoted to the commanding Lord Vishnu
Jaya Ekadashi is a special occasion dedicated to the mighty Lord Vishnu. The imperial Lord Vishnu is among the trinity of the mighty godheads, including Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma; He is deemed the guardian and the ultimate protector of the universe. He protects the cosmos from all the harmful energies, evils and adversities.

Significance of Jaya Ekadashi
Jaya Ekadashi is a very significant festival in Hindu cosmology. There is a significant story behind Jaya Ekadashi’s fasting. Once there took place a grand procession in Indra Deva’s kingdom. Many Gandharvas were performing at that place. There was a Gandharva named Malyavan singing beautifully in the ceremony, and there was another Gandharva girl named Pushyavati dancing there. Both of them felt attracted to each other and couldn't control their emotions, and fell for each other during the ceremony only. This infuriated Lord Indra so much that he gave them a curse that both of them would rot in Preta Loka. When Pushyavati and Malyavan were at the Preta loka, they accidentally performed Jaya Ekadashi fast by taking only falhara and chanting Lord Vishnu’s name. This freed them from the clutches of the curse, and they reached heaven. 

How to celebrate Jaya Ekadashi?
Jaya Ekadashi is celebrated by keeping a fast for the mighty Lord Vishnu. On this day, Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna are worshipped with utmost devotion and dedication. Devotees chant legends, mantras and slokas in Lord Vishnu’s praise. The breaking of fast or Parana is performed on the Dwadashi tithi. 

Boons of celebrating Jaya Ekadashi
Following are a few notable boons of Jaya Ekadashi-

  • ● Jaya Ekadashi brings the supreme blessings of Lord Vishnu and Krishna in life.
  • ● It brings peace and immense stability to life.
  • ● The festivity removes all the impact of bad karmas.
  • ● It adores devotee’s life with prosperity, fortune and abundance.
  • ● It helps in finding a stable place in heaven or Vaikuntha loka. 
    ● The festivity’s holy aura keeps the evil energies such as ghosts, and evils enemies away.

Seek the above boons by celebrating Jaya Ekadashi with immense joy and arrangements. If you wish to know more about this beautiful festival, then get in touch with us. We will guide you on the essential rituals, practices and tithis to celebrate this festival.