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Kojagara Puja

Kojagara Puja- Dedicated to the divine Goddess Lakshmi
Kojagara Puja is an important festival devoted to the supreme divinity Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi safeguards wealth and prosperity. She nurtures devotees' life with immense material benefits and abundance. 

Significance of Kojagara Puja
Kojagara Puja is a vital festivity cherished on the Purnima Tithi or the full moon day. The festival is celebrated in the Ashwin month of the Hindu lunar calendar. This puja ceremony plays an integral role in Indian states, including- Assam, West Bengal and Orissa. It is widely cherished as Bengal Lakshmi Puja or Lakshmi Puja. In several parts of the country, Kojagara Puja is known as Sharad Purnima. It is believed that the energies and aura of goddess Lakshmi are very vibrant during Kojagara Puja. The legends narrate that the goddess revolves around the earth's orbit on full moon day when this puja is performed. She blesses her devotees with limitless financial boons and bliss. This Puja is also cherished as Maha Raas in several parts of India. It is believed that Lord Krishna danced with his gopis on this day. 

How to perform Kojagara Puja?
Kojagara Puja is performed by executing a special puja for the divine deity Lakshmi. Devotees present fruits, flowers and other holy offerings to the supreme goddess. They chant mantras, stotras and hymns in goddess Lakshmi's admiration. A unique ritual linked with Kojagara Puja is that kheer or a sweet pudding is prepared and devoted to the imperial deity Lakshmi. The pudding is kept under the moonlight and then distributed as prasad among the family members. Apart from Goddess Lakshmi, devotees also cherish Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna. 

Boons of celebrating Kojagara Puja
Following are the essential benefits of Kojagara Puja-

  • ● Kojagara Puja brings the blessings of supreme Lord Lakshmi.
  • ● It brings endless financial boons and wealth.
  • ● The pious festival integrates life with immense serenity and momentum.
  • ● This puja ceremony embellishes life with harmony and abundance.
  • ● It brings prosperity and a multitude of glories to life.
  • ● The festival removes all the doshas and afflictions restricting riches and fortune in a devotee's life.
  • ● Unmarried girls receive the boons of a suitable groom by this puja.

Attain all the above benefits by proper execution of Kojagara Puja. If you wish to know more about this sacred festival, then get in touch with us. We will guide you on the essential tithis and rituals to adore this glorious festival.