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Indira Ekadashi

Indira Ekadashi - A glorious occasion devoted to mighty Lord Vishnu
Indira Ekadashi celebrates the beautiful aura of the imperial Lord Vishnu. He is one of the supreme godheads in Hindu cosmology. The mighty godhead is known to protect the universe against all adversities and vicious energies. 

Significance of celebrating Indira Ekadashi
Once there was Mahishmati Nagar, which was ruled by a famous ruler known as Indradeva. He was a very kind ruler who loved his kingdom’s members and provided them with all the amenities. Once, the mighty Lord Narada visited Indradeva’s kingdom with a message from his deceased father. Indradeva’s father said that he has not yet received Vaikuntha because of his past life’s deeds. He commanded Indradev to perform Indira Ekadashi’s fasting with intense devotion to help him achieve moksha or salvation. Indradeva followed his father’s commands and kept Indira Ekadashi’s fast. After the fast accomplishment, all the deeds of his father’s past life got balanced, and he received Vaikuntha or a stable place in heaven. Since then, Indira Ekadashi has been celebrated to achieve salvation and end the brutal cycle of life and death. 

How to celebrate Indira Ekadashi?
Indira Ekadashi is celebrated by observing a fast for the Lord Vishnu. They present fruits, flowers and holy offerings and light a lamp. Devotees chant legends, tales, mantras and slokas to revere supreme Lord Vishnu. Parana is an important ritual performed to end the Ekadashi fasting. It is the right tithi to break the fast and bring endless happiness in life. It is performed on the next day after sunrise or on the Dwadashi tithi to accomplish the fast. 

Boons of celebrating Indira Ekadashi
Here are a few notable benefits of celebrating Indira Ekadashi-

  • ● Indira Ekadashi nurtures the worshipper's life with the supreme aura and blessings of Lord Vishnu.
  • ● It brings immense harmony and abundance to life.
  • ● The supreme deity Vishnu removes all the pains, stress and worries from a devotee's life
  • ● It nurtures life with stability and helps devotees attract peace.
  • ● The festival brings spiritual awakening and absolute contentment to the devotees.
  • ● This fast helps achieve moksha or salvation and heaven after death.

Celebrate Indira Ekadashi with great joy and arrangements to bring the glories and blessings of Lord Vishnu in life. We guide on the best tithis and practices to observe Indira Ekadashi. Our team will guide you about the significance and how to celebrate Indira Ekadashi perfectly.