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slogam 11 - 12

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6.11-12

śucau deśe pratiṣṭhāpya
sthiram āsanam ātmanaḥ
nāty-ucchritaḿ nāti-nīcaḿ

tatraikāgraḿ manaḥ kṛtvā
upaviśyāsane yuñjyād
yogam ātma-viśuddhaye


To practice yoga, one should go to a secluded place and should lay kusa grass on the ground and then cover it with a deerskin and a soft cloth. The seat should be neither too high nor too low and should be situated in a sacred place. The yogi should then sit on it very firmly and practice yoga to purify the heart by controlling his mind, senses and activities and fixing the mind on one point.