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slogam 20 - 23

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6.20-23

yatroparamate cittaḿ
niruddhaḿ yoga-sevayā
yatra caivātmanātmānaḿ
paśyann ātmani tuṣyati

sukham ātyantikaḿ yat tad
buddhi-grāhyam atīndriyam
vetti yatra na caivāyaḿ
sthitaś calati tattvataḥ

yaḿ labdhvā cāparaḿ lābhaḿ
manyate nādhikaḿ tataḥ
yasmin sthito na duḥkhena
guruṇāpi vicālyate

taḿ vidyād duḥkha-saḿyoga-
viyogaḿ yoga-saḿjñitam


In the stage of perfection called trance, or samadhi, one’s mind is completely restrained from material mental activities by practice of yoga. This perfection is characterized by one’s ability to see the self by the pure mind and to relish and rejoice in the self. In that joyous state, one is situated in boundless transcendental happiness, realized through transcendental senses. Established thus, one never departs from the truth, and upon gaining this he thinks there is no greater gain. Being situated in such a position, one is never shaken, even in the midst of greatest difficulty. This indeed is actual freedom from all miseries arising from material contact.