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Shani Jayanti

About Lord Shani
Lord Shani is a highly revered and spiritual personification of planet Saturn. Shani is an important Graha or planet among the navagrahas. Shani is the most frightening and dreadful planet among all the navagrahas. Worshipping him thwarts evils and bad times from life, restoring peace and only happiness. 

Significance of Shani Jayanti
Shani Jayanti is observed on Krishna Paksha Amavasya Tithi of Jyeshtha month. It marks the birth anniversary of Lord Shani. The festival plays an impeccable role in Hindu cosmology. Lord Shani is the son of Lord Surya and Devi Chaaya. Shani was born by severe penance by Devi Chaya; thus, he turned black in complexion. Lord Surya used to insult Shani and Devi Chaaya because of Shani's black complexion. But one day, Lord Shiva appeared and resolved why Shani was black. The mighty Shani is a great devotee of Lord Shiva, and he gained many powers because of Shiva's blessings only. 
How to celebrate Shani Jayanti?
Shani Jayanti is observed by performing a fast dedicated to Lord Shani. They visit nearby Shani temples and present sincere devotion. They worship the commanding Lord Shani by devoting fruits, flowers, and other holy offerings. Mustard oil and sesame seeds are primarily used in the puja ceremony. Worshippers revere Lord Shani by singing religious ballads and chanting slokas in his praise. They read Sani Santosh, a sacred text devised for Lord Shani. Devotees also organise Homa rituals and Yajna to please Lord Shani. They donate black clothes, lentils and other black commodities to attract the glories of Lord Shani. Worshippers also distribute khichdi, a dish of rice and urad dal on Shani Jayanti to mark the festival. 

Benefits of celebrating Shani Jayanti
Here are a few incredible benefits of Shani Jayanti:

  • ● Shani Jayanti brings immense joy and abundance in life.
  • ● It keeps the doshas and planetary afflictions linked to planet Saturn or Shani away.
  • ● The auspicious vibes of the festival help remove the evil energies and adverse forces.
  • ● The festival integrates life with positivity and optimism.
  • ● It grants courage and powers to fight evil energies.
  • ● The festival brings happiness, peace and stability to life.
  • ● The favourable aspects of the Shani planet help achieve wisdom and set significant milestones in life.
  • ● It boosts life and grants positive morals to lead life.

Unravel all these benefits by celebrating Shani Jayanti with utmost arrangements. We will help you by guiding you on tithis and the proper rituals to observe the festival.