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Narada Jayanti

About supreme Lord Narada
Lord Devarishi Narada is one of the supreme deities of Hindu cosmology. In Narada, Naara implies knowledge important for humans, and Da refers to the giver. This, Lord Narada, is a bestower of necessary knowledge. He is one of the twenty-one significant incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Narada is not an important avatar of Lord Vishnu, but also he is one of the greatest devotees. Lord Narada is the son of supreme Lord Brahma, creator of the universe. Narada is famous for being intelligent and highly cheerful. He is a messenger between all the godheads who carry news from here and there. Devrishi Narad is also revered as the first-ever journalist of the universe. 

Significance of Narada Jayanti
Narada Jayanti is celebrated by observing a fast dedicated to Lord Narada. The festival is celebrated during Jyeshtha month. This Jayanti is of high significance as it marks Lord Narada's birthday. Srimad Bhagavata Purana gloriously elaborates that Lord Vishnu preached to him about many aspects of Maya. Lord Vishnu took this incarnation to spread the word of righteousness when it comes between evil and goodness. Other ancient texts and legends describe that Narada gained knowledge of arts and creativity from Lord Brahma only. 

How to celebrate Narada Jayanti?
Narada Jayanti is celebrated by performing a fast dedicated to Lord Narada. Devotees organise puja and religious processions on this day. Worshippers wake up early, take a bath and organise puja to celebrate Lord Narada's glory. They devote fruits, flowers and other offerings to Lord Narada. Apart from worshipping Lord Narada, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu are also revered on Narada Jayanti. 

Boons of celebrating Narada Jayanti
Here are a few incredible boons of Narada Jayanti:

  • ● Narada Jayanti brings immense joy and euphoria into life.
  • ● The Jayanti glorifies life with peace and immense tranquillity.
  • ● It nurtures life with fortune and abundance.
  • ● The festival helps attract proficiency and good communication skills.
  • ● The festivity grants an optimistic aura to the devotees.
  • ● It guides towards the path of devotion and spiritual awakening.
  • ● The pious occasion enriches life with stability and a peaceful state of mind.

Gain all these windfalls by celebrating Narada Jayanti with immense arrangements and joy. If you want to know more about Narada Jayanti, then get in touch with us. We will guide you about the tithis and rituals to observe this sacred festival.