About Corporate Services

Corporate services, is an auxiliary of Vedicfolks, an advisory company offering consultations based on ancient Vedic scriptures through rituals and providing remedial measure to all life problems.

Corporate services was started to serve our widespread clientele because we need to go beyond our astrological and Vedic services that we have hitherto been doing to the best of our ability. Corporate houses can consult us regarding corporate astrology, stock market astrology and corporate yoga.

Why choose us

  • We provide solutions and remedies to all your corporate dilemmas because nothing matters to us but our clients trust.
  • We have onboard the best professionals who advise the best.
  • Vedicfolks is the only Vedic advisory firm that offers value for money.
  • Last of all, we have the experience in the field. 

Our Services

Corporate astrology: Starting a new venture is no child’s play. Lot of investments, time and manpower are involved. So, it’s only right to start it right. This is also where we come into picture. A client can take our expert opinion regarding corporate astrology or stock market astrology.  Our senior astrologers with exceptional knowledge on the subject can rightfully predict your scope for success by carefully analysing the charts. Also, predictions for all employees indicating the personality traits, leadership qualities, health, their contribution to the growth of the organisation, assets and liabilities, employees relations with others in the organisation such as co-workers, colleagues, customers, suppliers and management etc.

Stock market astrology: As far as stock markets are concerned, putting in money in the stock market without knowledge is taking high risks and your capital can diminish to an insignificant amount. We advise you to consult us before you invest your hard earned money in stocks.

Corporate yoga: Beyond corporate astrology services, we understand that you and your employees should be in the pink of health always and therefore we have introduced corporate yoga. It not only boosts company morale, but also allows employees to stay happier and increase productivity, helps in team building and integrate an overall corporate wellness programme.


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