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Parashurama Jayanti

Parashurama Jayanti- A glorious festival dedicated to Lord Vishnu’s avatar Parashurama
Parashurama is the sixth manifestation of the mighty Lord Vishnu. Mighty Parashurama is also renowned as Rama Jamadagnya and Rama Bhargava. Unlike other incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Parashurama is not worshipped as he is believed to be alive. He is a ferocious, angry and warfare expert known for his enormous powers. Lord Parashurama incarnated to destroy the evil energies from the world. He used to slay mighty demons and monsters with his incredible powers. One of the prominent facts linked with Parshuram is that he never went to the original aspect of abstract Vishnu. He is celebrated for living in the state of the meditative realm. It is deemed that the Parshuram aspect of Lord Vishnu is still alive. Lord Parshuram discovers beautiful elaboration in Ramayana and Mahabharata epic as he is the guru of Bhishma, Karna and Drona. 

Significance of Parashurama Jayanti
Parashurama Jayanti is a highly significant festival as it nurtures life with the godsends of Lord Parashurama. The mighty godhead discovers great elaboration in Ramayana, Shiva Purana, Mahabharata and Bhagavad Purana. Legends describe that he was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He hailed the knowledge about warfare from mighty Shiva only. Ancient texts also elaborate that Parashurama received the boons of immortality from the mighty Shiva only. He also received the boon of never getting defeated in the war field by Lord Shiva. 

How to celebrate Parashurama Jayanti?
Parashurama Jayanti is celebrated by observing a fast devoted to Lord Parshuram. Devotees wake up early on Parashurama Jayanti, and On this day, Lakshminarayan, another influential aspect of Lord Vishnu, is also celebrated. Devotees also organise homa rituals to please the mighty Lord Parashurama. 

Benefits of celebrating Parashurama Jayanti
Here are a few prominent boons of celebrating Parashurama Jayanti:

  • ● The auspicious festival brings blessings of Lord Vishnu’s most influential aspect, Parashurama.
  • ● It brings immense bliss and abundance in life.
  • ● The glorious festivity grants courage and vitality to overcome all odds.
  • ● It enriches life with peace and immense stability.
  • ● The pious festival brings fortune and good luck; it also removes ill spells.
  • ● It helps in preventing the wrath of enemies.

You can achieve these boons by celebrating Parashurama Jayanti with immense dedication and devotion. If you want to know more about this pious festival, then get in touch with us. Our team will assist you on how to observe the Parashurama Jayanti to seek the windfalls of Lord Parshuram. We will also help you with the right tithi and procedure to get this Homa ritual done.