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Narasimha Jayanti

About imperial Lord Narasimha
Lord Narasimha is one of the most cherished and superior deities in Hindu cosmology. Narasimha is one of the vital and most ferocious aspects of Lord Vishnu. He is the fourth incarnation of the supreme Lord Vishnu. In this incarnation, Lord Vishnu has half the body of a man and half of a lion. He took this manifestation to protect the universe from vicious demons and preserve Dharma. Lord Narasimha is widely known to grant protection against disasters, tragedies and religious persecution. 

Significance of Narasimha Jayanti
Narasimha Jayanti acquires a notable place among the Vedas and Puranas. Narasimha Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Narasimha. It is celebrated on Vaishakha Shukla Chaturdashi. The prominent legends note that Lord Vishnu took this avatar to protect his ardent devotee Prahlada. Hiranyakasipu, father of Prahlada, along with his sister Holika tried to kill Prahlada. They tried finishing Prahlada because he worshipped Lord Vishnu with intense dedication and not his father. Lord Vishnu took this aspect to kill Hiranyakashipu and protect Prahlada from the evil plotting of Holika and his father. Thus, the golden festival of Narasimha Jayanti also marks the victory of good over evil. 

How to celebrate Narasimha Jayanti?
Fast is maintained for Lord Narasimha on his Jayanti. Devotees wake up before sunrise and take a bath. After the bath, the following task is to conduct Vishnu puja properly. Executing Sahasranama Stotra during the puja is very virtuous. Devotees present fruits, flowers and prasad to please Lord Narasimha. They chant legends, mantras or slokas in the glory of God. Lord Narasimha puja is performed in the evening too in the sayankal period. Sankalpa and devotional offerings are two important rituals observed during the puja ceremony. 

Benefits of celebrating Narasimha Jayanti
Here are a few vital windfalls of celebrating Narasimha Jayanti:

  • ● Narasimha Jayanti blesses worshippers with the blessings of Lord Vishnu in his Narasimha avatar.
  • ● It brings courage and vitality to fight all the odds and catastrophes of life.
  • ● The festival brings glorious vibes and positive energies.
  • ● It helps in fighting the opposing forces and enemies' wrath.
  • ● The spectacular festival fulfils life with satisfaction and immense bliss.
  • ● It grants success in all endeavours and helps in establishing solid milestones.
  • ● It bestows with supreme courage to fight the wrong and protect the inferior beings from injustice.

Attain all the above boons with the celebration of Narasimha Jayanti. We will guide you about the perfect rituals and tithis to observe this glorious day.