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Buddha Purnima

About mighty Gautama Buddha
Lord Gautama Buddha is one of the supreme and immensely educated godheads. The mighty Buddha is the founder and the harbinger of Buddhism. He discovers tremendous importance in Buddhism and Hinduism sects. The commanding Lord Gautama Buddha is the eighth incarnation of Lord Krishna and the seventh manifestation of Lord Vishnu. His values and morals help inferior human beings become better people. 
Significance of Buddha Purnima
Buddha Purnima finds extensive importance in Vedas and ancient texts. This day marks the birth anniversary of the legend Gautama Buddha. It is believed that on this very day, Lord Buddha attained the most significant stages of enlightenment. The great teachings and knowledge of Lord Buddha formulate the base of Buddhism. Buddha Purnima is also revered as a thrice-blessed festival. Three critical events linked with Gautama Buddha's life took place on Buddha Purnima. Lord Buddha was born on this day; he even attained enlightenment on Buddha Purnima only. The death of the mighty legend took place on Buddha Purnima, and he achieved samadhi in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, India. 

How to celebrate Buddha Purnima
Buddha Purnima is celebrated by worshipping Lord Buddha. Devotional programs are organised to celebrate the supreme divinity, Buddha. Worshippers wear white clothes and celebrate the aura of Lord Brahma. They consume only vegetarian food and meditate. Devotees organise puja ceremonies and grand processions to mark the glorious day. Tales and legends are narrated in Lord Buddha's glory. Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya Bihar is worshipped on this day. 

Benefits of celebrating Buddha Purnima
Following are a few important ways to observe Buddha Purnima:

  • ● Buddha Purnima brings the blessings and glory of Lord Buddha.
  • ● It brings proficiency and wisdom to life.
  • ● Devotees can cherish calmness and serenity in life by celebrating Buddha Purnima.
  • ● It fulfils life with peace of mind and rejuvenation.
  • ● The enchanting festival guides us towards the path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.
  • ● It helps get rid of sins and evil deeds of peaceful life.
  • ● The pious festivity brings an optimistic aura and positive energies.
  • ● It shatters ill-spells and evil forces.
  • ● The festival helps attain the highest stages of peace and bliss.

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