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Shrawan Somvar Vrats

Shrawan Somvar Vrats- Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati
Shrawan is considered one of the most pious and holy months of the Hindu lunar calendar. The sacred month is dedicated to the supreme deity Shiva. Shrawan somvar vrats are devoted to goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. They are the best days and the holy time to seek the blessings of mighty divinities. 

Significance of Shrawan Somvar Vrats
There is a prominent legend linked with Shrawan Somvar vrat. Once there was a rich sahukar who had a vast business and all the luxuries of life but not a son. He religiously worshipped Lord Shiva by observing Shrawan somvar fasts. Lord Shiva, upon Goddess Parvati's insistence, blessed the sahukar with a son but mentioned that he will live for only sixteen years. When sahukar's son got young, he went to Kashi to study with his maternal uncle or mama. Sahukar guided his son’s mama to take him to Kashi and feed the Yagya performing brahmin on the way. On the way, the son and mama entered the wedding of a king’s daughter.  

The groom was half-blind, so the king requested mama to wed the sahukar’s son with his daughter. The marriage took place, but the king’s daughter didn't come with the sahukar’s son. When mama and their son reached Kashi, they performed a Yagya, but during the Yagya, only mama found sahukar's son dead. He started crying bitterly then Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were passing from there. Goddess Parvati again insisted Shiva bless him with life as she cant see the plight of his uncle and parents. Lord Shiva agreed and blessed him with long life and the sahukar's son reunited with the king's daughter with Shiva's blessings. 

How to celebrate Shrawan Somvar Vrats?
Shrawan Somwar vrats are celebrated by devotees by observing fast every somwar or Monday during the Shravan month. Devotees eat only satvik food and practice devotion and meditation during fast. They organise special puja for the mighty Shiva and also visit his temples. 

Benefits of celebrating Shrawan Somvar Vrats
Here are a few notable godsends of observing Shrawan Somvar Vrats:

  • ● Shrawan Somvar Vrats bring the supreme blessings and aura of Lord Shiva and divinity Parvati.
  • ● The auspicious Vrats bring peace and abundance to life.
  • ● They bless devotees with stability and happiness in relationships.
  • ● The glorious fasts bring boons of healthy progeny and good life partners.
  • ● They integrate life with immense bliss and harmony.

Seek all the precious boons by observing Shrawan Somvar Vrats. Get in touch with us to know more about these auspicious fasts and perfect rituals or tithis to celebrate them.