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Mahesh Navami

About supreme Lord Mahesh
Lord Mahesh is one of the supreme manifestations of Lord Shiva. It is a widely celebrated name of Shiva and is especially cherished by the Maheshwari community. Lord Mahesh is easy to please; he integrates life with immense tranquillity. He removes all the pains and sufferings of devotees, bestowing them with a blissful life. 

Significance of Mahesh Navami
Mahesh Navami is a significant festival observed during the ninth day or the Navami of the jyeshtha month. A prominent legend linked with this festival is that once there was a king called Khandelsen who was childless. He performed severe penance to please the mighty Lord Shiva. The supreme deity got impressed by his dedication and blessed him with a son who came to be known as SujanSen. 

There is another legend linked with Mahesh Navami. Once there was a group of hunters who entered the ashram and disrupted the peace. Lord Shiva got angry and cursed those hunters to turn into stones. The hunter's wives observed penance and pleaded to Shiva to remove the curse. Lord Shiva kept a condition that he would remove the curse only when the hunters would opt for other businesses leaving hunting. The hunters then turned into a businessman. The community of those hunters is the Maheshwari community, and mighty Shiva is their ancestor. 

How to celebrate Mahesh Navami?
Mahesh Navami is celebrated by observing a fast on this day. Devotees wake up early and take a bath. Devotees then organise a special puja to revere Lord Shiva in his Mahesh avatar. They devote fruits, flowers and other holy offerings to please Lord Shiva. Worshippers also execute homa rituals and other grand religious processions to glorify the aura of Supreme Lord Shiva. 

Benefits of celebrating Mahesh Navami
Following are the primary benefits of Mahesh Navami:

  • ● The beautiful festival brings the blessings of supreme Lord Mahesha or Shiva and goddess Parvati.
  • ● It brings immense bliss and happiness in life.
  • ● The beautiful festival removes all the obstacles and enriches life with stability and peace.
  • ● The festival helps achieve success in all endeavours, especially business ventures.
  • ● It removes all the fears and makes one courageous, and also discards the fear of death.
  • ● It eliminates negative traits such as arrogance, ego, short-temperateness and attitude.
  • ● Women who celebrate this festival are blessed with a healthy progeny and a problem-free labour period.

If you wish to seek all the above boons, then celebrate the auspicious occasion of Mahesh Navami with immense glory and arrangements. You can get in touch with us to know more about this pious festival. We will guide you on the perfect tithis or rituals to observe the special day.