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Apara Ekadashi

Apart Ekadashi: A grand festivity devoted to Lord Vishnu
Apara Ekadashi is a grand festival dedicated to the commanding Lord Vishnu. He is an infinite godhead like an ocean or sky. The mighty deity's enormous powers exceed the dimensions of time and other factors. He is a supreme deity of the Vaishnavism sect. Lord Vishnu incarnated on the earth to eradicate evil and restore conformity. 

Significance of Apara Ekadashi
Apara Ekadashi is a very significant festival in the Vedic realm. It is one of the twenty-four important Ekadashis that fall in a year. The legend linked with Apara Ekadashi includes a virtuous king Mahidhwaj and his younger brother Vajradhaj who was evil. In the thirst of power, Vajradhaj killed Mahidhwaj. He dumped his body near a peepal tree or a sacred fig tree. The soul of the king remained on the tree and kept suffering there, the king became the pret aatma or a disturbed soul. Once a famous sage known as Dayalu Rishi met the king's soul and decided to help him. Rishi kept the Apara Ekadashi fast to help the king. He helped the king attain salvation or moksha. 

How to observe Apara Ekadashi?
Devotees celebrate the glorious event of Apara Ekadashi by observing a fast dedicated to Lord Vishnu. They get up before sunrise and take a bath. Taking a bath in sacred waters such as Ganga is also a prominent ritual on this day. Worshippers then organise a puja. They devote fruits, flowers, and other holy offerings. Devotees perform intense meditation all day to seek the holy aura of the mighty Vishnu. Parana or opening the Apara Ekadashi fast should be done in Dwadashi tithi only. 

Benefits of celebrating Apara Ekadashi
Here are a few boons of Apara Ekadashi:

  • ● Apara Ekadashi brings the immense blessings of mighty Lord Vishnu.
  • ● Observing fast on this Ekadashi helps get rid of past life sins and bad karma.
  • ● It brings peace and immense tranquillity to life.
  • ● It shatters all afflicted energies and doshas that hinder harmony in life
  • ● The festival brings peace and happiness to relationships.
  • ● It keeps the wrath of enemies away.
  • ● It blesses with success in all tasks and brings divine glory.

We bestow great spiritual assistance in the Vedic realm. Our team will assist you with the perfect rituals and tithis to celebrate Apara Ekadashi. Cherish this glorious festival with supreme devotion and seek commendable advantages.