Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing keeps on growing these days. You have to outwit your competitors in every step to stay ahead in the game. Every campaign has the capacity to alter the success or failure of a product in the market.

For instance, assume you are a beverage company about to launch a new range of fresh fruit juices. You wish to initiate a new advertising campaign, by funding a marathon which promotes health care for children. There is an opportunity to promote your product. You plan to hand out free samples to the runners and later capture their reviews in your website and ads. This is a proposition that requires bulky investment and it is better to assess if it is constructive. Through our AI solution you can gauge the response of your consumers beforehand. Your advertisement idea is introduced to a selected few of your targets. Their facial emotions are recorded and scrutinized to combine their comments to give true insights about their perception of your campaign. Our solution can then extend these results to larger masses analytically and aid you with decisions about the scale of campaign and associated investments. This helps reduce the risk involved and increases the probability of success significantly. 

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