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Decision making is a hang in HR function owing to its qualitative nature. Justifying the actions and weighing their impact on the organization is a tedious task. Iyantras provides solutions for such problems in the HR domain too.

For instance, your firm is facing high levels of attrition, in order to counter it the management is supposed to find the underlying factors of attrition. To resolve this you can feed in all your employee data with the requested data points and our solution helps you in identifying all the factors leading to attrition. In the next step it breaks down each factor individually and their combined effect, resulting in valuable insights for management to take action for employee engagement and retention. For example, by looking at the raw data you may conclude that long working hours force an employee to leave and seek jobs with flexible working hours. But this might not always be true. Certain employees may be willing to work extra hours if they are duly compensated. Now, you can have a new process in place wherein interested employees can juggle critical projects to put in a few extra hours for bonus pay. With our solution you can even identify these employees. Your decision is now backed by appropriate data and statistics.

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