Finance is the backbone of any business. An effective financial service must have a proper control in either flow of money. It is basic to ensure an appropriate utilization of money in any institution. At Iyantras, we provide solutions to support the needs of both individuals and companies. 

Our technology tracks your monetary activities and suggests better options to invest or alert you in case of any suspicious activity. For instance, a money transfer service company deals with many domestic and international financial transactions every day. To find one transaction out of some thousand transactions is a strenuous task. Many companies are taking steps to counter these activities, but they are not effective as it requires manual work. Our technology helps in regular tracking of these transactions and provides real-time alert in case any anomalous transaction is detected. This gives the companies the power to act real fast. Apart from this, the financial solutions provided at Iyantras help as a financial planner which allows you to focus more on your work and worry less about your money.

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