Text Analytics

Text Analytics or text mining compiles the required high-quality information from unstructured text such as customer comments, feedbacks, surveys, tweets, e-mails, online reviews, and transforms it into useful structured data. Iyantras’ text analytics helps our clients in identifying high impact information and gives insights in understanding the voice of the customer so as to empower their organization.

Our technology captures all the data regarding your customers’ perspective, and quantifies it accordingly to build a strong customer relationship. With our Artificial intelligence solution you can take up the remedies and promote your business towards greater heights.

Our text analytics process involves a highly complex text mining technique that focuses on customers’ view points and sentiments. With our technique, data are processed and distributed with the quintessential information, which is required in determining the most pressing issue that leads to unsatisfied customers.  This eventually delivers a huge leap in the success of your business. 

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